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Original title: Fans are dead! Racial discrimination! Serie A giants Inter Milan are severely punished

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On the night of the 27th Beijing time, the Italian Football Association announced that Inter Milan had been released because of two rounds due to racism from several fans, and the North Stand collected by Inter fans added one round.

In the previous league between Inter Milan and Naples, fans were racist attacks on Naples defender Coulibaly, which made the latter out of control at the end of the match and was sent off. Not only that, but after the match, an Inter Milan fan was killed and four Neapolitan fans were stabbed, causing a huge sensation in the world of global football.

Setempat local time December 26 2018, Milan, Italy, 18/19 Serie A season 18, Inter Milan 1-0 Napoli. According to Oriental ICSetempat local time December 26 2018, Milan, Italy, 18/19 Serie A season 18, Inter Milan 1-0 Napoli. According to Oriental IC

Insulted, three times called to stop the game

The battle of Inter Milan vs Napoli is a direct dialogue between the second and third teams in Serie A, and the importance of the match can be imagined. During the match, Senegalese defender Coulibaly from Naples was called a "monkey" by the host supporters, which was clearly racial discrimination. Coulibaly had asked the referee to stop the game three times, but they were all rejected and psychologically affected.

A reasonable Coulibaly was released in the 80th minute because he was booed by the referee and even two red cards were sent. In addition, his team-mate Insine also got a red card. In the end, there were only 9 players left in Naples and lost 0-1 . Competition. After the match, Napoli coach Ancelotti said angrily that if the referee ignores this behavior, the team will stop. "We asked three times to stop the game, but they only spoke on the radio three times (calling fans calm or the game continued) Even so, Coulibaly was very emotional and not in the best condition at the time. Maybe next time we have to stop the game ourselves, if we leaving the stadium they might judge us losing, but we are ready to do it. "

After the match, Coulibaly announced on social media that he was proud of his skin color. "I am sorry about the loss of the game. I apologize to the brother I left (the red card was issued)! But I am proud of my skin color."

The president of the Italian Football Association said that he would consider suspending the league

Crazy racial discrimination in the game also surprised all of Italy. Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala, who watched the match, also issued a document on social accounts to condemn racial discrimination. "This is a shameful act for Coulibaly's ridicule. He is proud of his skin tone. Inter Milan now need to do a few things right, I hope in the match against Empoli, Asamoah can bring the captain's armband. At the same time, I am in Milan and Nama the individual apologized to Coulibaly. "

The Milan police chief also recommended that Inter fans be banned from going away, and they also asked to close the North Atrium Stadium (Jalan Mati) until March 31 next year. Italian Football Association President Gravina even said that he would consider suspending Serie A. Inter Milan were also fined and empty in history due to racial discrimination.

▲ The Milan police chief attended a press conference. According to Oriental IC▲ The Milan police chief attended a press conference. According to Oriental IC

The Italian Football Association also quickly made a penalty decision on Thursday afternoon: Inter will be sent off from the next two home matches, and other matches must be closed at the North Stand. In addition, both Insine and Coulibaly, who were red in the game, were given two more restrictions. However, Serie A will be held on schedule this weekend. Gravina said: "Serie A will continue to follow the original plan on Saturday, the league will not stop."

Inter Milan's away match against Empoli on Saturday, the local security department decided to ban blue and black fans from entering the match. It is understandable that in Serie A matches, visiting team fans must show their fan cards to prove their identity when buying tickets. Therefore, the authorities have notified Empoli that the game cannot sell tickets to Inter fans.

C Ronaldo and other stars shouted against racism

This incident also caused shocks in Italian football. Cristiano Ronaldo showed his support for his own INS photo with Coulibaly. He wrote: "In this world and on the soccer field, I always hope to be respected. Say no to racism. Refuse all violations and discrimination."

Inter Milan captain I Caldi also called on fans to oppose racism on social networks. He sent a photo entertaining Coulibaly in court and wrote: "I am disappointed with what happened at the San Siro yesterday. Let's boycott Racism and discrimination."

Inter Milan officials then issued a statement condemning racial discrimination. "Since March 9, 1908, Inter Milan means tolerance, innovation, and the future. The history of the City of Milan consists of hospitality, we want to be together. Together, this city works hard for the future without discrimination. even those who do not understand or accept this history are not one of us. "

Racial discrimination does not only appear in Serie A matches, but also occurs in Premier League matches earlier this month. In this month's Chelsea match against Manchester City, Manchester City player Sterling suffered racial discrimination at Chelsea. Chelsea then issued a statement about the matter, saying that four fans who were racist towards Sterling were temporarily banned from watching Chelsea matches.

Extreme fans killed

According to Sky Sports, one hour before the match, there was a fierce clash between Inter Milan and extremist fans in Naples. Four Neapolitan fans were stabbed and two Inter Milan fans were arrested by police on suspicion of attacking. According to the Italian "Rome Sports" report, a 39-year-old extreme fan died in a violent conflict. It was understood that this fan was named Daniele, he was the leader of "Blood Yao" from Varese's extreme fans. In a conflict before Inter Milan and Naples, he was killed by an SUV on Novara Road. At present, Milan police have been involved in the investigation.

▲ A place where fans are in conflict. According to Oriental IC▲ A place where fans are in conflict. According to Oriental IC

The Milan Police Department said that more than 100 extremists were involved in the conflict. And the Milan Police Department will apply to the Public Order Committee, forbidding Inter Milan fans from going to away games this season, and hoping to close the Inter Milan fans at the San Siro Stadium before 31 March 2019.

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