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The first Guoan FA Cup Final set a strong first round to break the trend of champion _ Luneng


Original title: Final of the first Guoan National Football Association to start a strong first round to break the championship trend

Tonight, the first leg of the FA Cup final will be staged at work. National security at home will lead to challenges from Luneng, an old rival. Both teams have met repeatedly in the FA Cup, and in 1996, Guoan was Rick Luneng, the first time in the history of the team to win the FA Cup trophy. Although the first and last servant system seems unprofitable for national security, the results of the home match against Luneng in the past five years have been unsatisfactory, but national security at home is not without an opportunity to win opponents, to know that Guoanzheng's FA rounds were in the same that they routinely eliminated Shanghai and R & F before finally advancing to the final.

For both coach Schmidt and Li Xiaopeng's teams, they have no secrets from each other. Who can win this match will determine the FA Cup trend this year.

Luneng is called "the bitter Lord" at home

As two strong teams in domestic football, every match between Guoan and Luneng can lead to a topic. Historical data shows that Guoan in the Super League is against Luneng with 8 wins, 10 draws and 12 losses at a disadvantage. Even at home, Guoan is difficult to use. In the last five seasons, a league home record, for example, Guoan hasn't won Luneng in the 2015 season, but the other four haven't won this opponent at home. Ping 2 recording is indeed strange.

The match between the two sides also continued into the FA Cup, so far the record is 2 wins and 1 draw. However, in the final stage, the two teams only had one live contest. In 1996, Guoan beat Luneng for the first time in 4-1 to win the FA Cup. Even more interesting is that Guoan has broken through the FA Cup final three times and finally won the match. How much trust does Guoan have in this meeting with Luneng? In this case, Schmidt said: "The game about this, the players don't need to mobilize, the team will go to the championship, everyone wants to win."

However, the dominant performance in the past five years has also given Luneng certain psychological advantages, Li Xiaopeng's trust was also very good. Speaking of the current status of the team, Li Xiaopeng responded with two "very" responses: "The team was very good at training all this time. The players worked hard and hoped to have a beautiful match with Guoan at the end of the season." Previously, Luneng won the FA Cup three times in 1995, 1999, 2004, 2006 and 2014. Li Xiaopeng certainly did not want to give up this opportunity. He frankly said, "Even though this is a two-round match, but we have to concentrate on playing every minute, don't pin our hopes at home, because this is already a decisive battle on the road."

First, the last, national security, may not suffer

Because of a poor last season record, Guoan's FA Cup tour this season almost all experienced the "newcomer" system test. However, it is very encouraging that Guoan was the final winner in the previous two rounds against Guangzhou R & F and Shanghai Shanghai. His team seems to have adapted to this system. Yesterday at a press conference, Schmidt also said: "Two rounds of matches, which we have experienced before, we can say that everyone is very familiar with the rhythm of the first and last passengers, we will try our best to win these two matches."

Captain Yu Dabao also said that although many players including him have not yet experienced an important final, the team has reached the best country, and two rounds of competition have certain possibilities. Everyone needs to be welcomed. Preparation for all difficulties. "Now everyone's desires are very strong, and everyone will all come out. Competition between the first and last customers requires us to be more patient, and the chances of a match are very big. The first thing we have to do is play at home." He says.

Given the previous two rounds, Guoan won at home and finally eliminated the opponent's promotion. Therefore, the results of the first round tonight are very important for Guoan. Even if the score does not win, the opponent cannot score for next week. The second round of competition to create favorable conditions.

The "Best Coach" fight continues

For Guoan and Luneng, there are no secrets between them, two contests this season, the coaches of both parties also tried their best. At the Super League awards ceremony, Li Zhipeng, winner of the "Best Coach", also joked that he believed the award was more fair after the FA Cup final. Contests between the two parties are also considered as a continuation of the "best coach" battle.

So, does Schmidt research this opponent? For this question, Schmidt replied: "The Luneng game is relatively simple, we are also very familiar. They will have a lot of long passes, Pellet as the bridge head, and other players reach the second point, we will prepare this. We also need to play technical and tactical characteristics we ourselves to maintain the smoothness of violations. "

For Li Xiaopeng, national war cannot be measured by past records. Before the match, he always remembered to praise his opponent: "Guo 'played very well this year, especially the very typical offensive end. It could be said that it was the best in the championship. But our team's performance this season was not bad, this game playing normally. Important. "

In these two battles, national security leading in home matches clearly requires more opportunities than opponents, and Schmidt reaches a bright sword moment. Text / reporter Zhang Kunlong

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