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The creator of SpongeBob died, the cartoonist finally celebrated 57 years of regret at _TOM News

Recently, there is another thing that is regrettable. We have heard about the creator of SpongeBob that we have all heard of. The death of SpongeBob's creator was regretted at the age of 57. However, he left us with childhood memories. Unforgettable.

On the 27th, famous American cartoonist Stephen Hellenberg died, and SpongeBob who was created by him was famous in the world. According to relevant media reports, Heilenberg was unfortunately diagnosed with a gradual freezing in March last year, even if he had fought the disease and died in mid 26th of this month.

The creator of SpongeBob died

As we all know, SpongeBob SquarePants has been loved by children since it was launched in 1999 and has been and continues to be used. We all believe that for him, he succeeded in forming the top role of an anime that can be enjoyed from ages 0 to 100 years. We also believe that the world is not a tragedy, so even though the comic artist has left, he only moves to the bottom of the sea. Next to the pineapple house, you can enjoy the world of happiness.

The creator of SpongeBob died

For many people, they really think that SpongeBob, the big star and octopus brother, etc., each has its own characteristics, it's really interesting. I can't help but thank you for the happiness he brings to us. I like all the characters in it. I laugh at the boss. I finally did not steal the Crab King recipe. I haunt Karen's computer wife and SpongeBob's pet worm.

The creator of SpongeBob died, a 57-year-old cartoonist and regret. Do you want to ask if you still remember SpongeBob's theme song? SpongeBob is our childhood. Honestly, SpongeBob looks ridiculous in us. It's ridiculous to send big stars, but this doesn't prevent me from liking them.

Big cartoonists create memories

Therefore, we heard that the creator of SpongeBob died, the memories of our childhood are unforgettable, even though at the age of 57, it is still our fond memories.

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