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Strongest topic comedy Chinese New Year

Should men and women have to see the other half of the telephone? Today, the most powerful comedy topic "Mobile Phone Frenzy" releases a "Look and Don't Watch" version of a trailer, such as precision cutting like a scalpel in the core contradiction of the intimate relations of modern humans.

The film "Mobile Phone Frenzy" tells three couples of friends – two couples who are close to each other, the couple falls in love, and a single woman who plays a deadly game of all public cellphone contents at dinner, which causes There is a heated debate about "whether men women must see the other half of the telephone. " In the game of seeing and recruiting, the relationship between seven players Ma Dawei, Ma Li, Huo Siyan, Qiao Shan, Tian Yu, Dai Lele, and Meng Meng Yao gradually became clear.

The film "Mobile Phone Frenzy" is due to directors Li Wei, Li Wei, Wang Si, Wang Huan, and Zhang Yibai, which will be released on December 29.

Soul torture: Should men and women have to see the other half of the telephone?

In the "Look and Don't Look" version of the trailer, sharply shows the biggest controversy between men and women: between men and women, watching and not seeing each other's cellphones, like sending propositions. "You say, how are women very interested in men's cellphones?" Huo Siyan's question about the question made everyone's attitude towards this controversial problem.

Qiao Shan, who was obsessed with cellphones all day, was determined not to show his wife, Huo Siyan, and Huo Siyan trying his best to find out.

I wanted to see my unmarried wife, Meng Mengyao's cellphone, but I was embarrassed to speak, I could only knock on the side of the game, but Meng Mengyao never noticed that I was embarrassed by my cellphone.

The Tian Yu Model Husband turns a blind eye to his wife's cellphone to maintain a broken marriage life. Deloitte was fed up with cellphone disguises and issued: "Do you really think everyone is okay?"

Marley, who is only at a banquet, similar to most of us, He is a person whose life was kidnapped by cellphones, although he is not alone, he does not need to worry about his partner's suspicion, but his cellphone also contains secrets that outsiders cannot know.

Everyone in the movie "Mobile Phone Frenzy" can find prototypes in real life about the question of whether men and women should see half of the other cellphones. But no matter whether you see it or not, everyone must bear the consequences of their choice.

The consequences are serious and careful, seeing and not watching all propositions.

"Whether men and women should see the other half of cellphones" is a topic that has been mentioned frequently in recent years. Different people have different choices, and different choices lead to different consequences.

If you choose not to see it, even if you express mutual trust in one another, your own doubts will not be answered, but will accumulate more and more, and that will definitely lead to a gap in the relationship. At this time, the cellphone became a knife that hung on the couple's head, which was their heart's concern forever.

If you choose to see it, the trust that has been established between two people will be relaxed. Even if the other party's cellphone doesn't have a problem, it will never return to its original state. In addition, everyone's cellphone is more or less secret, and when viewed by a partner, the results are even more awesome.

As the trailer says: seeing and not watching, is a proposition, love and not love, is a problem without problems. "Do men and women have to see half the other cellphones" is still a century-old problem that cannot be answered.

What is the character's fate, do men and women have to look at each other's cellphones, and how people and cell phones must get along with each other. I believe that the most powerful topic comedy "Mobile Phones" will give us a satisfying answer.

The film "Mobile Phone Frenzy" is produced by Xinli Film, Shibu Film, Cat Eye Film, and White Whale Film, and will be released on December 29.


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