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The 26-day domestic market for black market futures is generally closed – China Securities Network – Hanfeng Net


2018-11-26 15:48:29 Source: China Securities Network

At the close of the domestic market 26, black futures generally fall. Iron ore, the main contract for silicon manganese falls, coke, wire, ferromanganese main contracts fell by more than 5%, coal coke, hot rolled core contracts fell by about 4%, the main contract rebar fell almost 3.8%, the main contract thermal coal decreased that's almost 3%.

In other varieties, the main contracts of rubber, Shanghai nickel, fiberboard, soybean oil, corn, cotton yarn, vegetable oil, cotton yarn, vegetable oil and other varieties have been closed to various degrees.

In addition, the main contract of crude oil fell. The main contracts for petroleum asphalt, fuel oil, Shanghai zinc, Shanghai tin, Shanghai tin, Shanghai silver, Shanghai copper, Shanghai aluminum, Shanghai gold, soybean meal, eggs, palm oil, rapeseed, apples, rapeseeds, sugar, etc. Fall down

(Source of article: China Securities Network)

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