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Although new energy vehicles such as pure electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, winter is clearly an unfriendly season for electric vehicles. Low temperatures will not only reduce battery charging and usage efficiency, but also significantly reduce battery life, while some Tesla will be more open. Recently, Tesla added vehicles to the latest software updates."repairing cold weather" worksfrom

To solve the problem of Tesla winter car users.

Previously, some Tesla Model 3 owners reported that in some cold areas in winter, the Model 3 model could not be opened due to freezing of the door, and the windows were frozen.

Because Model 3 uses hidden door handles and frameless doors,Therefore, after opening, the door handle must automatically appear to open the door, and the window may be slightly lowered when the door is opened.from

So freezing causes the doors of Winter Model 3 to be "blocked".

More serious,The car charging interface plug in winter will also freeze, and the charging cable cannot be removed from the car.from


After the new function is applied, Tesla changes the charging port mechanism, and will not lock the charging plug in place, reducing the possibility of being frozen. In addition, heat flow is directed to the window to make it easier to open the door in cold weather. This heating function can also be operated directly from the mobile application.


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