Tesla raised the price of global Superchargers to reflect costs


Tesla continues to tighten belts, and in addition to 7% layoffs and termination of customer recommendation programs, according to Electrorek, Tesla will also increase the level of global Supercharger charging, the highest. The increase reached 33% in some markets. Although Tesla still controls rising costs below oil prices to ensure the competitiveness of Tesla electric cars, it cannot be denied that this makes electric cars a little less attractive than in the past.

Tesla said that the increase was mainly to "react better with different electricity prices and filling stations," and stressed that Tesla had no plans to use filling stations to make money. On the other hand, this might also be explained by Tesla's decision that there is no need to rely on filling stations as an incentive to attract new buyers. In addition, Tesla also plans to significantly increase the number of Supercharger filling stations, but also introduces a new V3 Supercharger. By reason of having so much hardware construction and increasing requirements, it seems that the impact of price increases to slow down spending is also expected. What's in it?


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