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On January 20, several netizens reported that since the morning of the same day, there was a big gap in the fight, and users could receive 100 yuan without a coupon. In this case, resistance to the "Daily Economic News" reporter responded that on the morning of January 20, a black-and-gray gang robbed tens of millions of platform coupons through the vulnerability of coupons that had expired for unjustifiable profits.

According to observers of the "Daily Economic News" report, even though BUG was sealed the same morning, but this fight could be a big loss, excluding physical orders, the cost of filling virtual orders is expensive, and virtual orders are difficult to recover. Several shops have shown that they have sold 430,000 singles worth 43 million yuan. If you fight more, you may lose more brand value, because besides professional "wool parties", there are also many people who eat melons and participate in related activities.

The so-called "wool party" refers to those who specifically choose Internet marketing activities to exchange high-value gifts or benefits at a low cost or even at no cost. Profit-making behavior from "Wool Party" is generally referred to as "wool", and e-commerce platforms are gradually becoming the main battlefield of the "Wool Party" activity. In this case, many aspects of the fight say that the platform has repaired vulnerabilities for the first time, and tracked the source of the order. At the same time, the company has reported this case to the public security organs, and will actively work with the relevant departments to take action against the black-gray gang involved.

Related coupons have been deleted

In the big gap that began to appear on the morning of January 20, users can receive 100 yuan without a coupon. A large number of users have opened the "薅 wool" mode and used a no-door coupon to refill phone bills and coins Q.

"Daily Economic News" reporters observe through screenshots posted by netizens, 4 cents can fill 100 calls, the madman even uses this loop to order enough to use more than ten years of telephone bills, some netizens also take screenshots, suggesting that there are more of 500,000 Q coins in the account. As for a lot of damage – the current number of losses circulated by the network is more than 20 billion yuan, and even some netizens worry that "there will be a lot of collapse overnight."

At 9 am on the 20th, many coupons have been removed from the fight. Some netizens have filtered their chat records with many "people". Others say that this behavior violates the service agreement and hopes to return it in full, otherwise it will file a claim within 14 working days. In this case, the fight is more official to Sina Technology, "This picture is PS."

On the pulse platform, reporters see that some netizens are spitting, and many technicians wake up rather late.

In fact, wool party and the behavior of "wool wine" is always there, especially in "double 11" "double 12" and other online shopping campaigns, e-commerce platforms will definitely be the target of "wool party". Because of the tantalizing advantages and lack of supervision, "薅 毛" has long not only used rules fairly to take advantage of "cheap" individual behavior, but has been promoted and developed into a number of well-organized and professional "wool parties".

"Every year, e-commerce platforms are hunted by & # 39; Wool Party & # 39;. The number of commodities is very large, which makes consumers often unable to enjoy the activities provided by e-commerce platforms." Cao Lei, director of the China E-Commerce Research Center, earlier told Daily Economic News. "Reporter said.

"薅 毛" becomes increasingly specialized

"Daily Economic News" reporter learned that from the second half of 2013 to the present, most of "Wool Feast" had built personal, studio and community websites, and gradually improved operations. In this organization, someone is responsible for data management, some are responsible for communication and promotion, and some are responsible for technology research and development …

"The Black Mirror Survey: The Truth Abyss Report in the Wool Industry" shows that in recent years, "Wool Feast" has developed into a great power, and various materials, tools and tools needed in the process of "destroying wool". This has given birth to various gray industries in the upstream, such as: code platforms, commercial registration machines, group control systems, agent platforms, data traders, and account traders. Throughout the "薅 毛" industry chain, cellular phone card merchants are among the most up-to-date groups, providing cellular phone cards and user information for all major coding platforms, hackers and technology developers discovering system vulnerabilities and continuously providing a large number of automated tools. Increase the efficiency of "Wool Feast".

At present, the "Wool Party" attack and defense technology have developed to a higher level. Zhang Xiaoke, head of high-tech risk control technology products, said in an interview with reporter "Daily Economic News": "These black and gray industries have used big data and artificial intelligence technology to bypass traditional prevention and control strategies, which is also the future. Development trend. "

Regarding the way of response, Zhang Xiaoke believes that in addition to prevention of technical, industrial and corporate needs also to promote the level of product business and system laws. At present, the "Network Security Act" already has several cases of detention and criminal fines, and has some surprising effects on the "Wool Party".

However, Zhang Fan, director of the China Electronic Trade Association, said in an interview with "Daily Economic News" that there were no specific laws and regulations on "wool parties". At present, the E-Commerce Association has not taken strong action against groups such as "Party of Wol" as its main job. In addition to the limitations of the association, it is also because the main e-commerce platform has not reflected the existence of "薅 wool" to the association.

Some insiders believe that it is impossible to fight "Wool Party" only through e-commerce platforms, and industry and companies need to work together. At the same time, the platform must improve the industry, use big data and other ways to do the right marketing, rather than relying on genuine promotions to get customers, so the number of "wool parties" can be greatly reduced.

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