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Sun Yue's first intention was that Xinjiang did not rule out the possibility of joining North Beijing

Original title: Exposure to Sun Yue's first intention is that Xinjiang does not rule out the possibility of joining North Beijing Beijing client May 18 (Li He) The CBA season is over, the national team is preparing for battle. When Ding Yan Yu Hang and Zhou Qi, who had long been far from the sights of people, once again appeared in the spotlight, their existence was not only the focus of attention, but also never attracted people's attention to the CBA market. Besides Xiao Ding and Zhou Qi, this year's CBA summer market has many "big fish". Under their stirring, the summer market is less developed.


On the 15th, male basketball team members arrived at the State Sports General Administration to report, including Zhou Qi and Ding Yan Yuhang who were hesitant. And when they face problems next season, they all give the same answer: "The national team will talk later."

Such an unclear response will definitely make their home team confused, and let their team "itch". Teams that have a heart to be strengthened are getting ready. There is no doubt that their final goal will have an impact on the new season's league pattern.

In fact, since the Final CBA, CBA has decided that Zhou Qi's existence: Xinjiang Guanghui Club has a two-year priority registration or exclusive signing rights.

Simply put, the Xinjiang team had an initiative in Zhou Qi's ownership. In other words, Zhou Qi, who played for the Men's Xinjiang Basketball Team before the NBA, would still belong to Xinjiang first after returning home. To go to another CBA team, you need to release the Xinjiang men's basketball team. Therefore, rumors had previously said that Liaoning, Guangzhou and Beijing had contact with Zhou Qi, but in reality, if Xinjiang did not release people, Zhou Qi would not be able to join other teams.

Actually, compared to Zhou Qi, Xiao Ding's affiliation must be clearer, but now it's more confusing.

Before going to the United States, Zhou Qi had completed a four-year regular contract, the original dispute was only a priority registration right. For Xiao Ding, he was "released" to fight abroad when the contract with the Shandong team was not finished. It is not a free agent in the true sense. But at this time, when it came to trouble, Xiao Ding avoided talking.

From Shandong's response, it is possible to see a few clues. After a failed season, Shandong's men's basketball team once again returned to the former merit coach Gong Xiaobin. When talking about Ding Yan Yu Hang's existence, "Happy King" who is always a tough style said: "If Xiao Ding returns, we are very welcoming. The door is always open for him, but the problem is not the most important. The team's attitude is the last time. states, I hope to get as many win-win results as possible. "

Obviously, both parties did not reach an agreement in the first meeting. For what reason, there are rumors about the number of contracts, and there are rumors of Xiaoding's injury, but it has not been confirmed.

Regardless, Zhou Qi and Xiao Ding are the biggest worries on the summer market, and their last affiliation will not only affect the league pattern next season.

If Shandong and Xinjiang eventually fail to retain their former stars, future league policies, or resistance that will be "wiped out" by future domestic players, will be connected by this wave.

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Xiao Ding and Zhou Qi were both visible waves, and besides Xiao Ding, there were still many big fish on the summer market. For their competition, the team also quietly competed. And their final goal will also drive the free market and even affect the next league.

Among the free agents this summer, Sun Yue is the most anticipated for this identity. This CBA and NBA double championship last appeared on the CBA field or against Sichuan on February 19, 2017.

Because of his disagreement with the Beijing team, he hasn't played in the league for two years. Now that the big contract signed the same year has ended, his eyes have broken up with Shougang, and he has seen the next stop. The outside world has reported that its foothold will be the rival of Shougang's North Command.

However, it is understandable that his first intention was probably the Xinjiang team in this year's finals, but that did not rule out the possibility of joining the North Men's Handball.Apart from the final goal, Sun Yue had the ability to help the team improve their competitiveness at both ends.

When it comes to the North Control team, they can almost certainly be one of the most active teams on the summer market. Only half a month after the end of the season, they are with Sun Yue, West.

Aside from them, Baodao Beast Lin Zhijie, Zhang Qingpeng, Meng Meng have not yet decided to go home, and even Lan Baike and Li Gen can also leave Xinjiang. "Super high quality" from outside players in the free market this summer will definitely cause some competition.

Compared to the "quality and quantity" of outside players, the players inside are not widely available. At present, only Sun Tonglin, Zhang Chunjun, Jia Cheng and even Fan Ziming who just came to Xinjiang in last season's transactions tend to change their positions.

After thinking about it, even though their names weren't as tight as Xiao Ding Zhou Qi, but a large number of powerful players entered the market, it would definitely roll down the current in this summer.


Apart from domestic players, there is a large amount of foreign assistance that will leave the team in the summer. Foreign aid has always been the simplest and most effective way for teams to increase their strength. However, this summer is rather special, a lot of foreign aid will break up with their cities and start their next rafting.

The best international player last season, Adams was replaced before the playoffs, and the return of the new season was almost impossible. Unlike his team-mates with the Xinjiang team, Fordson from the Guangsha and Hudson teams from the Liaoning team also tended to leave the original team.

Age growth and decreased athletic ability are all factors that cause the separation of both parties. But with their strength, in a less competitive team, they are still able to lead the team forward. And the Motel, which killed the Quartet last season, is also expected by foreign media to continue fighting for the CBA next season, but not only Shandong is attracted to it.

If foreign aid meritorious truly leaves the team, wherever they go, when they meet again, they will greet many feelings about next season.

After the Guangdong team's summer 5 for 2 of the Qingdao team for Su Wei, West Relijiang and others and Fan Ziming's exchange, Zhu Xuhang and Zhang Yongpeng's exchanges and other operations, the CBA summer gradually had tensions and hopes.

It is almost certain that in the summer, the flow of players in the CBA free market will deliver a new climax. The "long grass" period of the league has also become hopeful, this is the initial goal of league reform. The fiery summer market will provide more choices for players' careers and that is what fans want to see. (End)Return to Sohu and see more

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