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Seeing the situation from the notification to increase the second strength: correcting "four winds" into a hammer and then hammer hammer –

See the situation from the briefing

Repairing "four winds" into a hammer and then hammer

Former party committee member and deputy general manager of Shanxi Coking Coal Group Co., Ltd. and party secretary and chairman of the Minxi Mining Group, Wang Shaojin, ransacked and drank for violating public funds; Feng Zhihui, branch secretary of Yanchang County Party, Yan City, Shaanxi Province, and other public trips ……

On the occasion of the coming of the New Year's Day in 2019, the Central Commission for Inspection of Discipline once again openly revealed a number of typical cases that violated the spirit of eight central regulations. Most of these problems occurred after the 19th Chinese Communist Party National Congress. They deeply explained that the construction of work styles was always on the road. Repairing the "four winds" still has a long way to go. We must persist in the word "toughness" and continue to use the spirit of self-revolution to survive in the spirit of self-revolution. .

Data shows that the "four wind" problem cannot be underestimated.

The reporter combed the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection from the State Commission for Inspection of Discipline and found that since the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the majority of mid-level cadres who had been given disciplinary action and were publicly informed by the party and the government violated eight central provisions . Li Jianhua, deputy of the original party group secretary and deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Gansu Province People's Congress, said recently, "to receive a banquet that can affect the implementation of fair official duties."

At the same time, according to national investigations and eight violation sentences, the central spirit of the problem is from November 2017 to November this year, since the 19th National Congress, there is one provincial level cadre, 751 floor level cadres, 6594 regional cadres are subject to party sanctions and administrative administration for violating the spirit of eight central regulations.

Of the total, from January to November this year, the country investigated and handled 55,705 mental problems that violated eight central regulations, handled 78,804 people, and gave 55,810 government and government affairs, each up 28%, 29% and 31% .

A series of data, while reflecting increased oversight and discipline, also fully shows that although work styles have achieved extraordinary results, the "stock" and "additions" of related problems cannot be underestimated, and anti-corruption struggles have been extraordinary. Under the situation of victory, there were still some party members and cadres who set the declaration of three and a half central party governments, and they were fortunate, intentionally committed crimes, did not converge, did not hold meetings, did not close their hands, and did not know. In this case, we must follow the 19th National Congress mentioned above, adhere to the above level, consolidate and expand the achievement of work style construction, and correctly correct "four winds" and new winds, so as not to loosen, half step, and hit one after another. Hammer knocks.

"This fully confirms that the anti-corruption struggle carried out by the 19th National Congress is still a serious and complicated assessment." Deng Lianfan, director of the Hunan Province Government's Clean Construction Collaboration Development Center, said that the "four winds" problem was very involved, stubborn and complicated, and damaged the party. Damage to the interests of people is very serious. We must always follow the "four wind" high pressure situation, and we can't do anything.

New ways and new tricks under high pressure

Judging from the notification cases, although there are three and five central government claims, there are still a large number of people who violate the spirit of the eight central regulations. The manifestations are also constantly "invisible variations", showing new ways and new tricks.

Taking "public private car support" for example, with increasing control over private bus use, the problem of replacing private car refueling, maintenance and other costs has arisen. In September this year, the Pingxiang Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission of Jiangxi Province reported 12 typical cases of "private car public support", which not only used official business oil cards to refuel private cars, but also used official oil cards to take cash , and many violations continue until the 19th National Congress.

This is unusual for the problem of disguised public money. On March 12 this year, Gao Caiting, president of Gansu Silver Daily News, led the nine cadres and workers of the newspaper. After driving to Shaanxi province to participate in the activities of colleagues and relatives, they went to Fufeng County, Shaanxi Province to visit the city. On the return trip, Gao Finance arranged staff to study and study official letters, and discuss and exchange newspapers in Pingliang, and visit local scenic spots on the afternoon of the same day. After returning to the unit, Gao Caiting arranged for the relevant personnel to fill the cost of the study trip to Pingliang with a total of 6,746 yuan.

From March this year, national investigations and penalties violation of eight provisions of the center of spiritual issues in "other" types of statistics added "violation of the reception of the object service management banquet" content, and "violation of public funds to eat and drink" to supplement. Judging from the investigation, the problem of "no public funds, no public funds", "not eating public money, eating bosses" and other problems that were more prominent, and even became a new trend of "four winds".

The reporter noted that since the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, among middle-level cadres who were targeted by party and government affairs and notified to the public, there were not many problems such as banquets, tourism or golf. For example, Feng Xinzhu, former deputy governor of Shaanxi Province, has long received banquets and tours arranged by private businessmen, former deputy governor of Guizhou Province, Bobo, who received banquets and travel arrangements that could affect the implementation of fair official duties.

"Under constant high-pressure shocks, many violations of discipline and discipline are increasingly hidden. For example, through WeChat and Alipay illegally accepting gifts, changing the form of regulatory violations, marriage and funerals, and use of office space, etc." Sichuan Province Liao Yaoqiang, director of the Party Style Political Surveillance Office of the Chengdu City Discipline Inspection Commission, said that in April this year, a deputy director of the community environmental committee in Chengdu received more than 3,000 yuan in red envelopes from a project leader via WeChat transfer.

Formalism and bureaucracy are very vigilant

Formalism and bureaucracy are enemies of the party and the enemy of the people. From the case of direction, under high pressure, the problem of formalism and bureaucracy still stands out and must be very vigilant.

In the realization of formalism and bureaucracy, leaders must implement the central decision-making arrangements of the central government and to make more decisions and fewer implementations. The Second Plenary Session of the 19th Central Commission for Inspection of Discipline, held at the beginning of the year, clearly stated that they must work harder against formalism and bureaucracy, and pay serious responsibility for their well-known attitudes and poor implementation.

The illegal dwarf problem of Lake Xiasai in the Lake Dongting region has not been resolved effectively for more than ten years, and it has nothing to do with formalism and bureaucracy. In September this year, the Hunan Province Party Committee made a serious agreement with responsible personnel, clearly showing that the provincial related departments directly, the party committee and the government in this case, the attitude of the parties, lack of action, poor implementation, provided origin and countermeasures, document implementation documents, until the meeting Implementation meetings are satisfied with "rotation circle readings", "layer forwarding" and "spread settings".

Typical formalism and bureaucracy that are irresponsible, do not act, slow down, chaos, and falsehood. In October this year, the Tianjin City Committee decided to hold serious accountability to the leaders of the four city companies that did not act as a problem. Among them, Li Minghao, deputy secretary and general manager of the Tianjin China International Economic and Technical Cooperation Party Committee, said that "the mental state is not good, and he is not responsible for leading the company's development and maintaining stability. In the face of the petition, he took opportunity to hide. In the past 40 days, there was no group, which led to an intensification of conflict. "

It should be mentioned that the current critical period of poverty alleviation and the problem of formalism and bureaucracy in the field of poverty alleviation are very deserving of attention. From informed cases, related problems are still more common. The Commission Party Secretary who was previously informed and the director of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Poverty Alleviation Office, Liu Zhongzhong and others are typical examples.

According to the report, Liu Zhongcheng and others did not consider the objective reality of the distribution of poor people in the work of establishing poverty-stricken households. The size of the poor confirmed by the Office of the State Council for Poverty Alleviation is limited to poverty-stricken areas nationally and autonomously. In poverty-stricken areas, precision basic poverty alleviation work is not solid, and the rate of evaluation of poor poor households is high. When the Autonomous Regional Poverty Reduction Office organizes work inspections and assessments, it does not fully consider gaps in various regions and long distances. It does not oversee the implementation of Mongolian translation requirements and inspectors who familiarize the business, produce inspections and assessments in kind. The goal is not practical.

Strict direction, maintain a certain strength, and give a good job in building a long-term battle

Eight central regulations have been in existence for more than six years, and "four winds" have also achieved extraordinary results, but why are there still people who have made disciplinary demands on their ears, fearlessly, indifferently, shouting slogans, pretending to be arrogant and wasteful? Always, formalism and bureaucratic learning are difficult to change, and problems with invisible new variations emerge from time to time.

"From informed cases, there are still units and individuals who have illusions, or think that the" four winds "will relax, rest, or think that wearing a" transparent robe "can cross the sea, this is not to maintain discipline political and political rules. Special performances. "Wang Honglian, deputy director of the Party-Style Political Oversight Office of the Jiangsu Province Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission, said that according to the recent Central Political Bureau meeting, the political construction of the party must be taken as commander, and "four winds" and trees must be corrected firmly. On the one hand, the new wind always ceaselessly, never relaxes, uses information technology and large data resources to increase the level of precision discipline; on the other hand, taking strict discipline as an entry point, and urging party members and cadres to take the lead in breaking old habits and building new styles, party styles and extraordinary political styles have pushed people's wind and wind to increase.

"The causes of formalism and bureaucracy are basically the sway of the ideals and beliefs of some cadres, lack of purpose, and lack of responsibility. Under the influence of official standards, they are separated from the masses and reality. Objectively, some regions often examine and investigate , which leads to factors that grassroots units are forced to overcome, but the problem of ideal beliefs and ideologies is subjective and utilitarianism. "Liao Yaoqiang said that in the spirit of self-revolution, it resolutely improved hedonism and waste. The wind had destroyed formism and bureaucracy. .

Deng Lianfan suggested that improvements in inspection and inspection mechanisms, reward and punishment mechanisms, and selection and employment mechanisms would make examinations and judgments more scientific and pragmatic, prizes and punishments more serious, and the selection of people would be more serious and practical, and subsequently form an atmosphere good to act.

In September this year, the Central Office's General Office for Inspection of Discipline issued "Job Opinions on the Implementation of Intensive General Instructor General Instructions, General Spiritual Remediation of Formalism and Bureaucracy", which blew accusations of centralized formalism and bureaucracy.

At the end of November, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection first published and published six issues typical of formalism and bureaucracy within the party, and issued a strong signal about the straightening of formalism and strict bureaucracy to all parties and the entire community.

After the last round of central inspections revealed problems such as formalism, bureaucracy and counterfeiting in the field of poverty alleviation, the role of the central government in special patrols on poverty alleviation will soon be revealed.

"A long-term battle to build a good working style, the party's Central Committee has firm will, a clear attitude, and strong steps, and we are full of confidence," Wang Honglian said.

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