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See also the passengers robbing the steering wheel of the bus. The perpetrators were detained for 8 days at _ Xinmin


Mim is at the police station. Yu Xuan, Hangzhou, November 24 (Zhang Bin) Recently, Hangzhou Jiande also rushed to take over the steering bus incident. On the 24th, the reporter learned that Jiande police in Hangzhou had been detained by investigation and passengers were placed in administrative detention for eight days.

The police introduced that at 9:30 on November 21, 2018, after the Jiandemeicheng Zhejiang A6M407 ancient city bus arrived at the station, the 60-year-old female Mi was on the train, she did not show the residents' cards and refused to pay cash and Xie Mou's driver. Disputes have occurred.

The monitor screen shows that Mi stole the steering wheel. Yu Xuan

Mimi claimed that she did not carry a citizen card, but she did not have to pay for the bus. At this point, a female passenger on the bus then pays Mimi a fee. Shortly after the start of the car, Mi Mou saw a passenger over 70 years old and showed his old card without paying fees, and then quarreled with passengers.

The police said that the car with good intentions persuaded Mi to say a few words, but Mi did not listen. When driving a bus, he always accused the Xie driver and persuaded his passengers. When the bus arrived at the exit of the East Gate and had not arrived at the stop sign of Bixiwu, Mi Mou discovered that he had sat at the station and asked Xie's driver to stop immediately. Because he did not arrive at the bus stop, the Xie Mou driver did not stop by.

The monitor screen shows that Mi stole the steering wheel. Yu Xuan

The video screen shows that at this time, Mi "rushed" to the driver and took the steering wheel while the vehicle was running. After that, the Xie Mou driver immediately stopped to stop and report to the unit leader and give a warning.

After the police of the Meicheng Police Station of the Jiande City Public Security Bureau left, they took personnel back to the police station for further investigation. After the investigation, Mi Mou grabbed the steering wheel as a serious impact on the normal driving behavior of public transportation, which is a serious plot. Mim was finally detained by the police for eight days.

Original title: See also passengers robbing the bus steering wheel. The perpetrators were detained for 8 days.

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