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Read "Knowledge", the wig has little influence on the value of Zhao Liying – worry free information

I said earlier that at the end of the year, entertainment stars rushed to the show. I do not expect the film industry to admit defeat. Because "the Great River and the River" achieved good results, another big IP drama was launched during the day ~ Yes, everyone was waiting "I know whether it must be green, fat and thin."

The show was on Christmas Eve 25, until four episodes had been played yesterday, and the current rating was not bad.

This is Zhao Liying's second major drama this year, and this is still the first performance after marrying Feng Shaofeng. According to this ranking, Zhao Liying will be the ranking queen this year.

There are a total of 73 episodes of "Knowledge" (don't be afraid not to be afraid, Xiao Xiao also thinks this episode is rather scary), and currently only updated to the fourth episode. First of all, let's start with a small one to understand a product.

"Knowledge" is a novel of the same name adapted from a disturbing mess. The original novel was about civil court officer Yao Yiyi, who passed a landslide and became six Miss Sheng Minglan who was born in Shengfu. After passing through ancient times, Yao Yiyi (also known as Sheng Minglan's drama version) was initially negative, but under all pressure, Yao Yiyi finally began to stand on his own feet.

The novel "Knowledge" is very popular among readers and is always considered a classic land-based work.

There is a palace in ancient times, "Dajiang River" has village fights and factory fights, "Knowledge" has come to a house, it seems that everyone is very interested in "fighting."

The drama version of "Knowledge" removes the element of crossing, and directly tells the story of Sheng Minglan. This tells the story of growth, love, and marriage through the Minglan bureaucratic family girl. Sheng Minglan was transformed into a legend of inspirational women's struggles in family homes, under the ancient ethical system. This is roughly consistent with the main plot of the novel.

The first episode starts when Ming Lan is still a child, his mother Wei Xiaoniang is three bedrooms, and his position in the family is the lowest, even the charcoal block that burns in winter will be reduced.

Although the wife of the big house Wang Da Niangzi had the highest status in the family, but Lin Xiao Niang's second room had the deepest heart, and she was very fond of the master, and the key to the card was also in her hand. The three-room charcoal fire and food were two-room deductions, but Wei Xiaoniang knew the danger of the house, and always refused to say it. Even if she was pregnant, she would try to do her best to do nothing.

I did not expect that the charcoal block I wanted was not for heating. To make everyone feel comfortable, Wei Xiaoniang decided to take out his own dowry and take it off. Xiao Minglan refused to be taken down, and proposed to use this charcoal block for cooking to be exchanged for charcoal fire.

It can be seen that at that time, even if married to a rich and pregnant family, it would be treated unfairly as a beggar.

On the same day, Yuan Jiate, Earl of Tokyo Zhongqin, came to employ Shenglan, Hualan's oldest daughter, but Prince Yuan Jia's partner did not personally come to Yangzhou to recruit, but only sent Yuan Wenchun's eldest son to come.

Everyone looked at the boy who knew the circle. He is Gu Tingyu (ie when Feng Shaofeng played as a child), and he suddenly thought that he was a Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun.

Okay, let's start the business, and tell me what to do.

Shengjia scorpion singer, Changfeng, knows nothing, and white scorpions are more likely to lose dowry than castors.

Unexpectedly, Minglan mastered the jug and stood up. He defeated that day and saved the bridegroom for his sister.

Then, when Ming Lan sent something to his father, he begged his father to see Wei Xiaoniang.

Sheng then went to meet Wei Xiaoniang, waiting to feel the cold at Wei Xiaoniang's home, Wei Xiaoniang began to persuade him to return home, trying to avoid the lack of charcoal at home. However, Minglan was really depressed by his mother, and he cried to his father and said that there was no charcoal fire at home.

Ming Lan then told Sheng Sheng that they were arrested yesterday.

Ming Lan also told Sheng Sheng that food was often lacking, but Wei Xiaoniang hid his own difficulties.

Sheng Hao immediately went to question Lin Xiaoniang, and Lin Xiaoniang argued that he had never arrested Wei Xiaoniang.

Lin Xiaoniang, who was around Lin Xiaoniang, also said that he would use his own money to give him two or two bird nests every month to care for Wei Xiaoniang.

Lin Xiaoniang's complaint, a little understanding, almost all of them believed.

So Sheng Sheng sent a thorough investigation, and found that the deductible samples were hidden in Lin Xiaoniang's personal maid room, Xiaodie.

Wei Xiaoniang argued for Xiaodie, but Shengyu did not believe that Wei Xiaoniang knew that someone deliberately framed him and could only ask Sheng and Wang to stay at Xiaodie. Sheng Sheng did not want to be big, he took out Xiaodie.

Unexpectedly, when Ms. Sheng's family problems were not handled properly, it was suddenly reported that Sheng Changbai was beaten.

Sheng Sheng reported the official, Yuan Wenchun saw the adults and begged to find the missing white skin, because he was the second son of Ningyuan Houfu in Tokyo, Gu Tingyi, changing his name to Bailu for the convenience of the road!

When adults hear the name, they are worried. They immediately closed the city. Even if they hand over Yangzhou, they will find Gu Tingyu!

Lin Xiaoniang was scared and asked the doctor to come. He also asked the doctor to see the defending woman. If he has something wrong with him, he will tell him that he will not be afraid to scare the guardian.

Lin Xiaoniang made two more scorpions to Wei Niangzi to send the past, saying that he went to Wei Xiaoniang where he was, and couldn't be three or four years old, the master and servants looked around, but they all understood the meaning of each other .

This house is not lost to the palace, and I just feel more and more attractive.

The next day, Yangzhou City began a large-scale search and arrest, but did not see Gu Tingyi half a hair. Immediately after, I found Gu Tingxi's body, saying that it was a long time to be distinguished, but there was a sign in it, and he fought under water.

On the day of the White House's death, Gu Ting took his burlap clothes and appeared with his grandfather, the white grandfather, that he had handed his family into his own hands.

Existing Baiting insisted that the white old man made him a successor, and the two sides argued that both adults had to issue a personal letter to Bai Laotai and Gu Tingjun to identify with the letter.

After Gu Tingzhuo continued to issue a letter that the dead mother accused Baiting pre-emptively of violating family property rights. Some people were excluded from the genealogy, and everyone recognized Gu Tingjun's identity.

Both Ms. Sheng and Sheng Sheng came out, Wei Xiaoniang always wanted to let Ming Lan go to the old woman to serve, but Ming Lan didn't want to leave A Niang, both of them were at loggerheads, and Wei Xiaoniang was suddenly angry. I must be born.

Lin Xiaoniang got the news and rushed over. Minglan was in a hurry and turned around. The midwife is a little troublesome. He really found an excuse to run away temporarily. Ming Lan personally ran out to find Langzhong.

I ran on the road and met Gu Tingyu on the road. After Gu Tingyu learned about this problem, he immediately took Minglan's fast horse and went looking for Langzhong.

After many difficulties, I finally asked Langzhong. As a result, no one responded to Sheng's family. Gu Tingyu then untied the rope and went up to the yard. This brought Langzhong to Wei Niangzi.

Lin Xiaoniang was shocked. Apart from the guardian of the house Xiao Niang cried, he blamed the two for how to enter the inner court. Gu Ting was lazy and explained to him, and the little girl was beaten, and Lin Xiaoniang was willing to give up.

Lang Zhong told Wei Xiaoniang that the child in his mother's stomach had killed Wei Xiaoniang. Wei Niang held Sheng Minglan's hand tightly, allowed him to take embroidered knee pads to Gu Tingzhuo, and left the embroidery painting to Sheng Minglan.

Sheng Minglan's tears had dried up, and A Niang's words trembled. Wei Niang left the last few words of Sheng Minglan, and all of them were the biggest.

In Sheng Minglan's helpless cry, Wei Xiaoniang still left.

Wei Xiaoniang's family came, and she was Ming Lan's younger sister. He thought of taking Minglan back. However, Sheng Hao was firmly rejected to send Ming Lan away.

Then, Sheng Sheng went to Beijing, and Sheng Jia went to the ship, Gu Tingyu also went to Beijing. Sheng Minglan gave Gu Tingzhu with knee pads, thanking him for his help.

After the ship docked, everyone left the dock and left the dock.

Ms. Sheng's family had just arrived at Beijing's Jing An House. After a few days, the school will arrive in Beijing. Sheng Hao did not want Sheng Minglan to read, saying that he was still young, and now his mind was uncertain. Mrs. attitude Sheng was very strong, so Minglan had to go to school.

Some of the Sheng family's young girls and masters went to school, and slowly grew in the voice of Zhuang Xue's poetry.

Finally, finally, finally growing up! Finally delivering the protagonist's debut

Are you crazy like you?

Little Qi Gonggong's grandfather, Qi Heng (our teacher finally appeared !!) liked calligraphy, and talked with Sheng Sheng, some of the girls in the Sheng family were waiting around the old woman, Ming Lan hiding beside and playing with Xiaotao. Qi Heng couldn't help but snicker.

Qi Heng heard that Yu Laotai would come for a while and wanted to stay for dinner, but he didn't want to sneak around, he wanted to stay and see Minglan.

Hahaha, let's look at the little expressions of the arrogant teacher, and I think it's very funny.

Qi Heng only wanted to change his mind, but found that his sweat towel was missing, so he had to go back and look for it.

Because Qi Heng's idea is: This sweat towel is a personal matter, and if you don't find a name to preach, you might not be able to say it in the future. Ming Lan was like his thoughts.

So they both talked about this problem while walking. I didn't expect to hear Yu Suqin's help around Molan on the road, it turned out that a sweat towel was on Suqin. Sheng Minglan could see the clue, afraid someone would plant it.

Ming Lan did not want to go to Suqin to ask for it, so they both discussed with Sheng Changbai. Who knows, I just met Qi Heng when I returned, he had heard it in the past, and Qi Heng said that he would still be a prisoner.

I know how to see it here. I want to say that the speed of chasing our teacher is a little faster. I was afraid to see Minglan and I hid behind.

Ming Lan always wrote bad words, so he was left behind by Zhuang Xue. Ming Lan begged to copy the books with the fact that he could not benefit for days. Zhuang Xueyan asked him to copy the theory of iron salt. After three days, he turned his face. Minglan listened to his face and took a good meal to invite him to spend more.

On the way back home, Minglan had a headache for copying books. Qi Heng found an opportunity to stop him and always wanted to be close to him. However, Ming Lan always intentionally alienated him, and refused Qi Heng to help him copy the book.

Qi Heng brought several pieces to Sheng Minglan, Sheng Minglan and Xiao Tao always retreating, Qi Heng had to put a good fruit and pen on Ming Lan's arm and quickly leave.

At present, Gu Tingyu (Feng Shaofeng) after growing only passed for a few seconds. Little understands that you can't go out again, but we will take Minglan.

As far as the plot is currently concerned, Xiaojian still feels very ok, acting online, but it will be difficult to say whether it will hit the road in the future.

This drama hasn't been broadcast yet, why is everyone so hopeful? A little understand to give you some highlights.

1. Lin Xiaoniang and Wang Dayi fight each other to be the spotlight and laughter of the whole drama.

Lin Xiaoniang's strength was the interpretation of "green tea", all kind of like being spoiled.

Dr Lin Xiaoniang, you know that and the expression of the big woman is the same.

Some netizens sort their intelligence and intelligence maps, and I understand how to share them with you. This perfectly interprets the images that women and men like: When a charming man, a man looks at him, and a woman just wants to vomit.

When you cry, the man will feel bad, and the woman will not like and hate.

When they shouted sweetly to each other, the big woman sat on her arm, but her heart was in the sky.

When the big woman was Yu Lin Xiao Niang, Sheng Sheng felt sad and thought: Oh, this woman is really enough. The audience is: beautiful cunning scream.

The big woman was very hard and wanted to sprinkle it a little, but the grandfather felt like a ghost.

When the big woman did something, Sheng Sheng felt that she was stupid, but the audience felt that she was doing a good job.

Hahaha, the match of these three people really became the peak and laughter of the whole drama. A little understanding that the big woman is really too real, especially like a wife who rips three small children in reality, is so dominating.

2. Zhao Liying Feng Shaofeng married couple submits cooperation, public salary and falls in love

This drama is truly the first show after their marriage. Even though Feng Shaofeng hasn't fully debuted, it will be very sweet afterwards.

Not only love shows and outside media interviews, but also the sweetness of both. Reporters ask if they are interested in each other. Feng Shaofeng looked happy and replied that he was on Zhao Liying's side. He will be more stable.

Uh, really not visible. Besides watching you fall in love in two games, you even slaughter dogs outside the game.

I don't know what will attract both people's public interest to everyone in the drama, or a little hope for it.

3. The afternoon drama is well made and the scene is basically restored.

In the midday sun, everyone must know everything. What are "琅琊 榜", "Pretender", "Parental Love", etc., And many works with high scores, especially they are also called "day decoration teams", because each scene is rebuilt, scenes in the book are restored as much maybe.

The composition of the drama, the central single, the gradual group image, the square and the symmetrical house, even the beleaguered image, is radiative with a sense of depth, with the picture "Big Bang" One withdrawal.

In addition, to fully restore ancient times, the lights used in the filming of the night were all replaced by candlelight in the afternoon.

This is truly amazing. The audience doesn't need to worry about passing it, or the crew is no longer worried about wearing it.

As the decoration team of the name expense, besides the villas that will build "mock", the village will be built into a "big river", and even our fields will be transformed into their own species.


It is said that there are scenes that need to shoot wheat germ, but the art group cannot find wheat germ, and they plant spinach that looks like young wheat germ. As a result, the director was not satisfied, and found a master who had experience and knew how to farm, and led everyone to plant wheat and other wheat seeds. Growing up, crossing the border into the wheat fields.

My Scorpio, I understand that I just want to ask, is there a job that you won't do during the day? In the future, crew members will not enter the group, and they can make money by relying on this craft.

In addition to the restoration of the scene, the director also adopted the drama style shooting method, half-set the entire set of mirrors in the end, everywhere was right, the actors were full of pressure.

Feng Shaofeng said: "The first scene I did in the group was that I was with a dragon. We did not know anyone. Then the scene was a special tit-for-tat. The lines are very long. For that scene, I have returned for three days. "

Three days … I don't know how to remember the text when I was little. It's so long that I can finish it. The actor is not easy.

Among them, Liu Wei, who played Sheng Sheng, revealed at a press conference: "(Now) It seems that I have been beaten, my oldest daughter hasn't played, the oldest daughter hasn't arrived today, everyone has been beaten by me, and we are right really starting from the beginning. "

Played as Wang Renjun Sheng Changbai also said: "This is a very long" family baguette "like a golf club, then its head is made of iron, it is curved, and finally a" house "is curved. The bachelor is" straightened. "

I have a day, this can be a little overdone duck.

In short, this drama received a lot of attention before it was broadcast, after it was broadcast, it was received all the time. It can also be seen that the whole drama is well made and the group of directors has made great efforts.

However, I still want to spit on small points, after all, watching the drama will spit, and it will be more interesting to see.

Little understood first to give everyone some big points, everyone to avoid stepping on thunder.

Even though the whole picture of the game looks very elegant, everyone also said that it fits the scene in this book. But Xiaozhi had to throw up, why didn't the service group give a better explosion to Zhao Liying?

Can this bangs wig be fake again?

Where the service group bought it, you come out, I promise you won't kill you.

There is also a whole story a bit too slow, so far broadcasting four episodes, the fourth episode of the protagonist appears, a total of more than 60 episodes, my Scorpio, it depends on one year ~

Although the first three episodes were small and understood by small actors in the drama, I saw the interaction between Xiao Minglan and Xiao Gu Tingyi thinking about the hammer wall.

All kinds of meditation at heart: they are still small, still small, unable to think. However, a small step from a dark plug like that really let the little cp's soul light up madly!

Gu Tingyu in his youth really, every movement like the president was arrogant in reality, and he always did it first.

Make Xiao Minglan's settings correctly.

This small, dominating understanding was unable to release himself.

The boy who played Xiao Gu Tingwei was named Bian Tianyang, who was only fifteen years old. A little above understood that this was very similar to Jin Xiuxian, but in reality, I saw it like a four character brother, Yi Qian Qian.

See these eyebrows, a little similar?

There are also netizens in the series who think that two people are very similar.

Young, acting is very good, it looks like the future is unlimited.

Besides him, Xiao understood here to talk about Xiao Minglan, this little girl really made Xiao Xiao's love miserable.

Do you still remember the little moon at "Yue Yue Chuan"? He is the actor Liu Chuxi.

He was only nine years old this year, he knew that he could not use it to describe his acting skills.

This expression of disappointment really happened. Especially the scene where Wei Xiaoniang died, the crying scene of Xiao Minglan, Xiaoxiao did not hold back and cried with him.

Many netizens also say that Xiao Minglan's game is really good!

At present, the small actors are very strong, and they must be amazed. Surprised at the same time, a little worried about the long versions of Ming Lan and Gu Tingyu played by Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng, would they be slammed by small actors

After completing the acting actor, I understand the script writer again. In this large IP drama, the screenwriter actually made a pediatric error.

Wang Bibi said in the drama that hospitality is not good, and that small people must remember that it must be better acceptance.

Little girls should make love more relevant.

Make the child empty (pī) into an embryo[pēi]Child

Although this is only a small mistake, however, many children will watch TV dramas and study. Don't make mistakes in teaching children.

Few understand that "I know not" has been exposed to flowers for a long time, and started promoting preheating. In addition, it was considered that it was the initial propaganda "The New Dream of a Red Luxury House" when revealed.

Everyone thinks that two flower pieces are very similar from background music and picture sound.

Little understood that the two titles were cut off, but the overall style was a bit like a lot.

Therefore, many netizens believe that this drama will be a big fire or will be the same as the "New Red House". However, most netizens felt that the reason why the "New Red House" hit the road was because casting was not chosen.

As far as this drama is concerned, the possibility of flying on the streets is rather small, but the audience is unable to buy more than 70 episodes to see if Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng can support him in the future.

After completing acting actors and the whole drama, I will understand the author of "Knowledge". If the actors are very strong, but in the end, they still have responsibility for the writer.

How do you say that? Before I learned a little about it, the author had carefully analyzed "Sweet Honey" on Weibo, and also confirmed Deng Lun's acting skills, but said that "the actor who is now on the market does not have backstage." .

Why did you say this? The reason is that he thinks that "Deng Lun has only debuted for several years, but there are already many male and male partners," and diverse resources are no less. Isn't this because there is a back stage? Maybe this is his inner monologue.

But, in fact, there are no criticisms in his small writings. Instead, he said that he was "worthy of this resource" and "no part."

After talking about Deng Lun, he also called the second man Luo Yunxi, who praised him for "opening up all lines, all kinds of barriers to free temperament" and "all in one way."

In the end, the writer, who was not too big, also commented on the battle between the two. He believes that the reason why the two companies are tearing up like this is because "Luo Yunxi has a role."

Oh, I just want to say that the author really doesn't know how bad the pink circle is. To find out that when "Xiangmi" was broadcast, men, men, two fans, and two fans, due to factors such as drama, were dark and dark. They made comments on the bones of this festival. Xiaoxiao just wanted to give him praise.

So soon there were Dunren fans and some drama powder coming in, tearing them "adapted to the drama for their own novels", "attracting men", "deliberate guidance, with ulterior motives."

One of the authors survived a thousand of these troops, and was forced to vacate Weibo and retreat.

Initially thought that this was over? No, the previous author commented on Yang Yang. At first he said that everyone discussed Yang Yang's acting skills, but he thought that Yang Yang would become the second Tang Guoqiang, but he was in conflict with each other. Not interested in Xiao Na, played by Yang Yang.

He began to say that Yang Yang was not tall and his body was not good. It is also said that the face cannot be face to face, but the proportion of his body is not good, there really is nothing that can be done. I even said that Yang Yang made many mistakes in grammar.

Then he commented on Yang Yang's acting skills, saying that he had not made progress in recent years, and that he was not surprised by "Slight".

Hey, I can't help but praise the bravery of the writer. So, I really don't know that scary pink circle. When he understood the Weibo author, he had deleted it.

It can be seen how terrible the violence of cyberspace is, basically it is impossible to judge one's goodness or ugliness. However, I understand that the author's comments are a bit too radical. Evaluations are evaluated, and everyone is still acceptable. A little ugly must experience tears of fans.

Xiao Xiao heard before listening to netizens revealing that "the beginning of" I don't know "propaganda did not bring Zhu Yilong, the results of Zhu Yilong because of a sudden explosion, propaganda also began to regard traffic as one of the main forces." And asked, "Zhu Yilong won't spin this time."

Everyone in this drama talks about "Will this hit the road?" However, the default condition is very good. If you rush to the road, it is a "joke."

Everyone thinks, after reading this drama, do you have thoughts and want to continue to pursue it?

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