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QQ application, Mobile Tmall and 14 other applications that collect user information named – CHINA China – cnBeta.COM

To guide and urge Internet companies to regulate the collection and use of users 'personal information, to protect the rights and interests of legitimate users, and to maintain the security of users' personal information, on the morning of December 29, 2018, under the dissemination of the Ministry of Industry's Information and Communication Administration and Information Technology, China Internet This association organizes an expert panel on the collection and use of personal information by mobile application users in Beijing.

A total of 45 representatives from the relevant government administration departments, academic research institutions, legal service institutions, public supervisory bodies, telecommunications user committees, and Internet companies attended the meeting. The meeting was organized by Song Maoen, deputy secretary general of the Chinese Internet Society.

Through technical testing and user reports, it was found that 18 applications such as QQ Music suspected excessive collection of sensitive user information such as "sms", "address book", "location" and "record", and 9 applications allegedly collected without user consent. User personal information. Responding to these findings, together with the opinions of related Internet companies, experts who participated conducted heated discussions and comments. After deliberations, experts agree that all relevant Internet companies have made active efforts to strengthen the protection of users 'personal information, but there are still some irregularities.14 The application has excessively collected users' personal information and collected users without user consent. Other information and problems (see attachment). TV Mango, fun headlines, map navigation, Kingsoft PowerWord, Yishun novels, gold credit cards, your and my loans, pig treasure wallets, US stage, white credit, easy interest, palm loans, fun loans, etc. 13 Application affiliates Not attending the meeting, the meeting asked the companies mentioned above to immediately contact the China Internet Association to confirm problems in collecting and using users' personal information. The next step is to conduct interviews and special announcements.

Experts attending the meeting stressed that internet companies must strictly comply with the NPC Standing Committee's Decree on Strengthening Network Information Protection, the People's Republic of China Cyber ​​Security Act, Regulations on the Protection of Personal Information on Telecommunications and Internet Users, and other laws and regulations . Regulations stipulate and improve the user information protection system. Collection and use of the user's personal information must follow the principles of validity, truth and need, clearly indicate the purpose, method and scope of collection and use, and actively optimize the functions of the Application with the user's consent. Improve protection of users' personal information.

Relevant Internet companies unanimously declare that they must adopt an immediate removal method, optimization and enhancement, etc., and at the same time, comprehensively examine the company's risk points in protecting the user's personal information, improve internal management and design products, and further standardize the standards. The collection, use and service of users' personal information protects the rights and interests of legitimate users.

Song Maoen, deputy secretary general of the Chinese Internet Association, said that under the guidance of competent authorities, the association will further integrate resources and innovation mechanisms with the support of industry experts, and work together with member units to carry out self-discipline work in information protection personal users, to protect the rights and interests of legitimate users. Information security makes greater efforts.

The conference was organized by the China Internet Society and was held jointly by the China Internet Association's Industrial Discipline Working Committee and the Personal Information Protection Working Committee.

The following is a list of problematic mobile applications:

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