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Premier League Azar 2 Hornet thorn balls welcome 100 shoulder goals for 2 Blues legends as Messi C Ronaldo – Blues, goals, Hornet, this season, when – 5U Sports

2018-12-27 17:32:50 Source: 5U Sports

Original title: Premier League Azar 2 Hornet thorn balls welcome the 100 goal milestone Shoulder of 2 Blue Army legends like Messi C Ronaldo

For the Blues competing for the Premier League this season, the first round of New Year's Christmas Express against Watford is undoubtedly a crucial match. In the last round home 0-1 lost to Fox Army, Chelsea Surrey Huge pressure, in the last three rounds away The Premier League lost 2 matches, on the grounds of a knight's title, the bee scene was not a defeat for the Hornet, but a strong defense and sharp counterattack from Dahuangfeng had made the Blue Army In trouble, however, Azar finally came forward to Messi to open a second time Chelsea to solve the problem, while reaching the milestone of a personal blue 100 mile milestone.

Last week against the Fox Army behind Chelsea did not show the characteristics of the giants, the whole team went down! Violations are difficult to maintain, Azar has a foot in the middle, but finally the Blues cannot return to the sky and lose home games this season. Surrey's controversy about Kanter's existence, but insisted on using Azar as a pseudo-center, is still the team's main assessment point recently. The effect is clear. Before losing to the Fox Army, Azar scored 2 goals in 5 matches. +5 assists! This game against the Hornet, Surrey still continues to use Azar as a leading role in wind and rain. For Azar, if the game can score, he will score a legendary list of Blues.

In the first half, Chelsea no doubt played hard. The hornet increases the level of defense and a quick and sharp counterattack makes the Blues suffer. 433 Blues don't seem to have many ways. When it is difficult to open a situation, they are affected by the Hornet. The siege scene was passive, but Azar stood in the midst of a crisis of blue troops Kovacic stole in the middle of the ring After Azar got the ball, he pushed the penalty area and alone slammed the goalkeeper to advance the opening note. Under difficult and passive situations, the split part time broke the deadlock, and Chelsea ate a strong heart.

However, Chelsea took the lead for 2 minutes, the Hornet capitalized on the opportunity to get 1-1 from volley and Chelsea regretted not leading the match. However, in the 58th minute of the second half, Azar himself created a penalty opportunity, and Foster, who was attacked, was knocked down, in the end, Azar scored a penalty and Chelsea took the lead. After 72 minutes, Azar passed the ball to William. However, he hit the post, and Chelsea finally scored 3 points for the Blues with Azar's score. Azar also won the MVP!

And Azar also scored twice in this field, and the first goal record allowed Azar to welcome the 100-mile milestone in the Blue Army career. After Lampard and Drogba, the 10th player in the team's history completed the 100-ball achievement. Like Lampard, it is not a traditional center that can complete the 100 ball mark, score 101 goals in 322 matches, and 84 assists.

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