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This is Hazard's 100th and 101st Blue Lion goal, he became the 10th player in Chelsea's history.

Hazard scored two goals in this campaign and scored for Chelsea to break the ball 100. He is expected to continue to set a record. (Photo: Associated Press)

(English ‧ London, 27) Hazard scored two goals to reproduce the true character of the ball and became the 10th player in Chelsea's history. After the Belgian international, he expressed his deep feelings: Becoming a Chelsea legend!

In the 19th round of the Premier League yesterday, Chelsea broke the deadlock in the 45th minute with midfielder Hazard, then Watford made the third minute before the end of the half, and Pereira scored. In an easy side battle, Hazard was laid in the penalty area in the 58th minute. He personally shot a penalty and ensured victory.

Make a number of notes this season

This is Hazard's 100th and 101st Blue Lion goal, he became the 10th player in Chelsea's history.

This season, Hazard played 18 times, including 15 starts, scored 10 goals and sent 9 assists, directly participating in 19 goals, no one in the Premier League.

In addition, the number of Hazard violations in the Premier League (59), the number of successful successes (52), the number of chances created (50) and the highest number of assists (9).

BBC: Hazard wins alone

BBC special commentator, Pat. The text summarizes the game in one sentence. "In the end, the gap in strength determines the outcome of the match. The power gap between the two teams is that Chelsea has a Hazard camp. Some people may not like Hazard's position moving forward. Mind, but today he leads Chelsea with three points."

Hazard also sent blue gifts to Blue Lion fans after the match. He expressed his deep feelings: "This (breaking 100 goals) is very meaningful, especially considering that we won today (Wednesday). Can at Chelsea. This fantastic ball scored 101 goals and made me unforgettable. Now, fans, staff, and team-mates certainly hope I can score more goals. I hope to score more for Chelsea and then become Lampard and Dro. Geba and Terry are legends. As for the position on the field, I can even play as a central defender, as long as the team wins . "

Coach Blue Lion Surry also did not hide his love for Hazard. He praised: "I think Hazard played very well, not only because he scored two goals, but also with his team-mates. He also performed very well in open areas. He likes it everywhere, he is an extraordinary player."

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