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5-minute and 40-second Lunar New Year film "Page is Page" became the first circle of friends in 2019. On January 18, short film director Zhang Dapeng received an exclusive interview with Beijing News, responding to feelings after the screen was playing, shooting situations and questions netizens.

Zhang Dapeng said that he was a commercial film, and the short film was the film version of the trailer. "The short film was not edited from the feature film." Instead, the film was photographed again, and the participants were not professional actors. Zhang Dapeng also denied online questions about rural consumption and consumption poverty, and said that "everything is relative." In the view of Zhu Xi, deputy director of the Center for Communication Law at the Chinese University of Political and Legal Sciences, "this has been a hot event, but it has the essence of marketing."

Release and dissemination schedule

Compared to the free-form release of the WeChat platform, the Weibo platform has a basis for releasing data on "Page is Page" material.

At 16:00 on January 16, "@ 电影 小猪 佩奇 过大年" Weibo released a notice, the number of interactions was 11.

At 11 on January 17, the marketing number "@ 吐槽 小 才 才" once again released the trailer "啥 is Pecs", totaling 4509 interactions.

Between 17:25 and 10:00 on January 17, it was the peak period of Weibo traffic. Starting from "@ Mind Focus", a total of 13 marketing accounts were released. # 啥 是 佩奇 # the official version of TVC, 23 points 43 points, Wang Sicong and other large super Vs continued, forming a critical point for Weibo.

The plot is the character of "grandfather"

This short film tells about Li Yubao looking for "Pec" for his grandson.

A story given by a Beijing News reporter from director Zhang Dapeng showed that by that year, when the three-year-old grandson would return to the village for a vacation, Li Yubao was difficult to destroy. The kid wants to pec, but is he Peggy? He was confused by the village horn. The answer is ridiculous. Some people say it's the sexy anchor woman on the direct website. Some people take detergent with the same name, and others say it's kind of chess. Go around, stupid, and finally Li Yubao makes "Pec" with a blower.

On the morning of January 18, short film director Zhang Dapeng said in an exclusive interview with a Beijing News reporter that it only took two days to film the film. It was a film making from the original film from the group "Little Pig Peggy Over the Year". In Huailai County, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, "before I took advertisements here, I was familiar with the terrain and environment, and I was close to Beijing. I could drive back and forth every day." The "Grandfather" protagonist is a vegan character. "At that time, we found several people in the village. He only performed very well and was chosen by us."

The theme is not "consumption poverty"

Zhang Dapeng said that the film was not a China Mobile ad, "but we have cooperation", but a pilot film for the New Year film. Although the content is not edited from feature films, the values ​​conveyed are the same, namely, "reunion and happiness".

Zhang Dapeng said that he was a commercial film director, this was the first time he directed a film. He admitted that the film was a "composition proposition", and the film company found it after introducing copyright. "I have children at home with producers, and children like Pec, especially for children." Faced with the question of "consumption poverty", he denied that "it is relative. After localizing the page, this is a serious Chinese story. We all like Page's cartoon images, hoping the film can be used during the Spring Festival, to convey a happy message to all person. "

■ Viewpoint

Expert: Operation "Emotional Commercialization"

"This turns into a hot event, in fact, with the essence of marketing." On the afternoon of the 18th, Zhu Xi, deputy director of the Chinese Communication Law and Political Law Center, said in an interview with Beijing News that it was actually a marketing event, not the main explosion. From the director to the copyright party Piggy Page, to the film, he was the producer, he made artwork in the industry, including the forwarding of Wang Sicong Weibo.

Zhu Xi pointed out that the short film director intended to wipe away the tears of the audience, market everyone to go home for the New Year's reunion, now it seemed more successful, the effect was not bad. He believes that this work is relatively well understood in the concept of Chinese New Year, and the combination of pigs and Peggy IP, "marketing is an emotional commercial operation."

Zhu Xi analyzed from a Beijing News reporter that "啥 is a Page" was concluded in the communication process. I personally feel that it creates momentum for the Lunar New Year, and marketing is tied to emotion. Although "cheap", it works very well. Marketing method.

Some voices show that the reason why this short film was swiped was to balance urban and rural trenches and between generations in a certain sense. In this case, Zhu Xi believes that "PEC" is only a cultural symbol in this level-level communication. "I think the real core point is on cellphones and the Internet."

He added to the Beijing News reporter that the relationship between people living in rural areas and those who work outside the home is the Internet and cell phones. "Page is just a chopstick in this table, it's not on the table."

■ Director's questions and answers

Beijing News: Is this an advertisement?

Zhang Dapeng: Not very accurate. In fact, this real-life animated film was also taken by me. I am the director. So actually, I recorded an announcement video for my own film and helped myself to promote it.

Beijing News: What do you think is the reason why the short film is "hot"?

Zhang Dapeng: I think it should be a page point, there is heat, independent traffic, maybe I myself have done a good job, maybe it's a style reason, and what we want to do is convey happiness.

Beijing News: What was the initial intention of filming this short film?

Zhang Dapeng: Actually, everyone is discussing together, how can we be more attractive, so I just want to make a short film. Because I will make many stories about going back to the New Year with my friends during the Spring Festival, and I often go to the countryside to shoot, sometimes I will make some assumptions: many young people in rural areas go to work, and the elderly at home. Some parents play with their cellphones so slippery, some parents are stubborn and don't want to use smart phones, so if he wants to get Page information, this process might be more interesting and difficult.

Beijing News: How was your grandfather's "page" designed?

Zhang Dapeng: At first it was a blower, Life was cooking and blowing stoves, every family had that thing. In fact, there is a handle before that like a hair dryer.

Beijing News: What are the advantages and disadvantages of this film?

Zhang Dapeng: I don't know what strengths and weaknesses I have, because I have to pay attention to what I am satisfied with, and that is in line with my own heart. It's also normal to play, there is no super standard. Especially I think it's because of the heat of Pec also here, I just played normally. I don't think there is any regret, because my film style is more stringent, and the script sees it as my income, so I have scripts, and I want it.

Beijing News: Will the trailer be so hot, will there be pressure?

Zhang Dapeng: I think everyone must be tolerant. After reading a short film, you must be able to understand that our team is very professional. Our team of short films and positive films are the same team, including photographers and directors are our own people. But our positive films make children's films, and there are no social property attributes as netizens say. (Reporter Li Yifan Intern Luo Yiyi)

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