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Opening of the world's first women's Go League in Kunming – Kunming Daily – Kunming Daily – Hanfeng Net

2018-11-26 01:30:26 Source: Kunming Daily

Reporter Wang Wei reported that reporters learned from a press conference held by the organizing committee yesterday that from November 25 to 29, 20 "CITIC Real Estate Cup China" the fifth stop of the Chinese Women's Armed League will be in Kunming Guandu District Yunzi The chess house was held. This competition is the highest level in the country, the largest number of Go women group activities, and the first female Go League in the world.

It is understandable that the "World Heritage" Women's League CITIC Real Estate Cup 2018 currently includes 10 teams including Tianyu Eco-Jiangsu, CITIC Real Estate Luoyang, Guangdong China Times, Xiamen Guanyin Mountain, and Shanghai Zhonghuan Group. 18 rounds. Since March 22, the first stop will be held in Bijie, Guizhou. After three stations (two rounds per station) and eight rounds of home and away matches in Pingjiang, Heilongjiang Mohe and Shanxi Wutai, will be held in Kunming from November 25 to 29. The last two rounds of the competition and closing ceremony. Organized by the China Go Association, Yunnan Province Sports Bureau and Kunming Municipal City Government, this event will be held in the 17th and 18th rounds from November 26 to 27. Ji Naiwei Jiu Duan, Yu Zhiying Liu Duan, Wang Chen Xing Wu Duan, Hei Jia Jia Qi Duan, Wu Yu Zhen, Liu Duan (Han) and other players will be inaugurated. In addition, the league invited Lin Jianchao, Chairman of the China Go Association, Wang Junan, former Chair of the China Go Association, Jiu Duan, Catur Nie Weiping, and the Vice President of the China Go Association, Chang Yu Jiu Duan, and other famous people in the chess world.

It was reported that during the women's armor league, various competitions and public welfare activities will be held. The first was holding the China Go Third Doubles Tournament's first China Construction Third Bureau Cup, Nie Weiping 9th Section / Kong Lingwen 7th Section, Wugong Zhengshu 9th Section / Wugong Sunshine 6th Section and other famous chess players in the chess world and Changyi Section 9 / Zhangye 8th Section Both players, such as the Nine-segment Yugen Naoji / Yugenxi plaid, will compete in the double player competition to send the top party to the majority of Go fans, the second is to renew the "Star of Hope" Tour of the International Women's Invasion Tournament. This is an international Go game for girls learning chess, which aims to actively promote Go popularization in the world, attract more girls around the world to love Go and benefit from Go, the third is to hold the final of a business chess tournament, amateurs in the business community. Go masters will gather together to determine men and women, the fourth is a human-machine match, showing the peak match between human and artificial intelligence.

At the same time, two charity events will be held during the event. In the Go community welfare guide program, national hands Nie Weiping will come to the Kunming Tower in Guandu Ancient City, which features ancient culture, and personally guide local Go fans in Kunming, with the hope of Go's game, they will graduate experimental schools in Guandu District. The establishment of "Women Purse Hope Go Classroom" promotes the Go culture and popularizes Go, encouraging young people to actively explore the infinite charm of Go and enjoy traditional Chinese culture.

According to reports, Yunnan has always been an important city of China Go, and has trained a number of famous chess players such as Ding Wei, Qiu Jihong and Wang Wei, and held Go World Competitions such as the Yingshi Cup, Chunlan Cup and Bailing Cup. The Yunnan Go Team was awarded 2002. In 2016, the runner-up of the National League League, Keji Jiujie, who is ranked first in the chess world today, is a player registered in our province. This event is another major Go event organized by Yunzi Chess in the Guandu District after hosting the National Go League in 2015.

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