Olympic champions quipped national football and insulted Chen Yibing apologizing: only for Tucao – information without worry


On January 20, Beijing time, the 1/8 Asian Cup final, China 2-1 reversed victory over Thailand and advanced to the Asian Cup quarter-finals. After the match, Chen Yibing, a retired Chinese gymnast and Olympic champion "Huanhuan Wang", spoke about his own views on national football on his personal Weibo. Since then, he has been insulted by a large number of netizens. Today he apologizes.

Today, Chen Yibing wrote: "I am sorry that everyone should not argue. I give a few opinions. 1. I really pay attention to national football. I think Thailand is really a former Thailand (that is, when we have a big score at that time.) When the score was behind, it was really disappointing, so I sighed (and taunted).

"3. There is no disrespect for the 38-year-old Zheng Zhi who runs full time and the players who play closed matches and many soccer players that I know are worthy of respect. I also play closed matches (but also reflect more problems. we don't have more and better young athletes.The power of reserves is insufficient 4. Lippi's coaching ability is very good.The annual salary is worth the salary (the expression here means Lippi's ability is also strong. It's also a problem to solve problems on the spot. Money the issue is that the youth training system hasn't spent my money on pure personal opinion. "

"5. Football really has the first gymnastics and more projects are really not comparable, but because the first influential movement has influence, it will affect everyone and that will affect me. These fake fans play football everywhere. I also pay attention to it. I can also spit it out because you are the most influential project. It's impossible. Finally, I hope you don't misunderstand me. "

Previously, Chen Yibing said: "If even Thailand can lose, I think Lippi's annual salary can also be taken. After all, if I train, I will lose a few more balls. The result is the same.", Hit me. " The face of fake fans really doesn't matter. I really didn't pay attention to national football for more than 5,000 days. When I watch the ball, I also represent that individual. Even Thailand wins very hard. Why are you getting accepted?


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