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Original title: No C Rouwen 1-2, does he almost turn his opponent around, not half a year against Serie A?

In an away match against Atlanta, C Ronaldo was a reserve for the first time in the league this season. At first Allegri hoped to give the superstar a chance to rest, but unfortunately Juve's teammates did not provide strength, and finally he had to replace the Savior.

In this game, Juventus teammates prove to the world that they are not really good without C Ronaldo. As league leaders, in their away games against Atlanta, they not only failed to make use of it, but also played 1-2 at the back, but at the crucial moment, there was C Ronaldo, the Portuguese superstar rose from the bench, using the scoring header for the team and finally helped Juventus to keep the league unbeaten in 2-2.

In fact, besides scoring goals, C Ronaldo almost helped the team reverse opponents. In the 89th minute of the second half, Cristiano Ronaldo managed to score the ball in the penalty area and then returned to the bottom line of the penalty area. Unfortunately, Manjukic moved too far and finally missed the ball. If there is a teammate behind, it is definitely 100%. Goal opportunities. It can be seen from this game that there is no C Rojue behind the opponent with 1-2 behind the game. He not only leveled the score in the Serie A giants, but almost completed a major reversal. At Juventus today, C Ronaldo clearly scores higher than other teammates.

After joining the team in early July this year, C Ronaldo is considered the head of Juventus. Now, in less than half a year, the Portuguese superstar has beaten Serie A. Together with Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus have not only won the Serie A championship, but also in the Champions League. , they also won the championship. In fact, the strength of the Juventus midfield is not at the top level. Their creativity is still no better than Barcelona and Manchester City. If not C Ronaldo, Juventus might not be able to compete with other giants for the Champions League. Maybe this is why Ronaldo is one of the two best players in football today, no matter which team he joins, can make this team improve rankings!Return to Sohu and see more

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