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Nine percent released the first special business: a new generation model of male group _36 氪

Editor's note: This article is from the number of micro-channel community "Musik Harbinger" (ID: nakedmusic), Author: Livia, 36 krypton official release.

In the latest issue of "Idol Trainee", Cai Xukun, Chen Linong, Fan Wei, Justin Huang Mingxi, Lin Yanjun, Zhu Zhengting, Wang Ziyi, Xiao Gui Wang Linkai and You Changjing were finally identified as members of NINE PERCENT. At that time, not yet in the summer, and the scene of the crying teenagers on the stage is still alive. It's been half a year since NINE PERCENT became a group. During this period, in addition to the recognition of countless fans, the most common are as follows:

"I'm still a male group, many words will be separated to buy a deposit for the album …"

"Every day I can only see people shaped boards, I really want to see them fit!"

"Day 123: Did NP come out of the box today? No."

After all this time, I waited for him, now is the beginning of winter, "To The Nines" is finally available.

Nine Percent launched its first special business: a new generation male team model

"To The Nines": nine young men sailing

Overall, the concept of To The Nines is very strong, with a total of seven songs. From "Awesome 9%" which broke the rumors of the team for "Innovators" who wanted to make personal rules, "Ei 喔 Ei 喔" and "Dance with the Dance" which spread happy energy … Is that from the theme of work In terms of story wealth or the completeness of the story, NINE PERCENT has provided a near full answer. Compared to youth on stage, nine teenagers showed faces that were more mature than before.

Nine Percent launched its first special business: a new generation male team model

Before "To The Nines" was released, NINE PERCENT had experienced doubts about the musicality of the team for a long time. Captain Cai Xukun said that everyone had devoted a lot of time and energy to this album, and he was more willing to choose "slow work and good work" than to rush to leave work.

Today, the choice of NINE PERCENT is undoubtedly recognized. From market data, "To The Nines" has reached more than 8 million results after pre-sales of QQ music, cool dog music, cool music and microphone music before November 9.

Nine Percent launched its first special business: a new generation male team model

As far as the album's music is concerned, the album tracks include rock, lyrical R & B, retro disco and many other styles, such as the diverse faces of NINE PERCENT.

Among them, "Innovator", dubbed "The Turtle Shell" by fans, is a fast track with strong strength. Renowned lyricist Wu Yiwei and members completed lyric writing, emphasizing the positive attitude of the young generation towards the courage to innovate and take risks. The MV used by members is personally designed with dark dark spaces, photo walls and other eye-catching elements combined with the dance fragments of the NINE PERCENT knife group, giving the audience a strong visual sense, which is very easy to leave a deep memory.

Nine Percent launched its first special business: a new generation male team model

The other lyric song, Good Things, produced by Veraan, exemplifies NINE PERCENT's other efforts to have explosive stage effects. In this slow song, fans can clearly distinguish who the lyrics are, which fully highlights the sound characteristics of the members.

And this song can also be considered a small symbol of the entire album "To The Nines": the album contains various styles, presenting various features, to show fans different characters. How can it be finely integrated into one. And this is also a favorite point of the big men's team.

Gypsophila became a fire: NINE PERCENT and nine of them

When teams are not fit, members of NINE PERCENT have their own activities in various fields and achieve extraordinary results. As top beans shipped by domestic top platforms, their business value and business capabilities have been successfully tested by the market.

As far as business cooperation is concerned, besides being friends with various brands that are popular with many consumers, this group of young people also has a number of supports. For example, Cai Xukun holds Yangshengtang masks and vivo X23 support. Chen Linong is a spokesman for Shiseido Waso Youth Day and series, the new Yanyang summer series. Prince is a spokesman for Schwarzkopf (Physics) … Besides individuals, groups also exist. Co-branding cooperation in the form of "small squad", such as You Changjing, Lin Yanjun and Prince Yi, together functioned as Tmall Wonders and so on.

Fashion and entertainment are not separate, and NINE PERCENT, who came with a group of loyal fans, often visited various magazines. Not to mention all the members have appeared, Captain Cai Xukun has appeared on the cover of six magazines including "Red Show", "Feraro" and "ELLE". Fan Yi and Wang Zi also serve as "COSMO Fashion" and "Include publication characters like CHIC bourgeoisie small.

Nine Percent launched its first special business: a new generation male team model

On the one hand, team members have managed to brush their faces in the eyes of the market audience. On the other hand, NINE PERCENT also actively shows through variety multi-brand aces such as "Happy Camp", "Everyday" and "Run". The quality of the first class men's team and the positive energy of young artists after the 95s.

Returning to Aidou's position, in front of NINE PERCENT "To The Nines", the members have made various efforts in music. For example, Cai Xukun himself made an EP single core "1", the main song "Wait Wait Wait" with a smooth arrangement and sound, has been locked firmly in a new song list, a list of popular indices, land fever for ten consecutive days. The song list is the first, and has won the Asian new song list championship for four consecutive weeks.

Nine Percent launched its first special business: a new generation male team model

Another member of the team, Yu Changjing, was more loyal to the music from TV and TV works. He sang the OST "Ao Red Dust" from the TV series "Fujian" and the theme song from the same film "Ying Qing Qing", and still in China's new rap . "The scene of cooperation with Nawuke" "Flying to the North" is a blockbuster, confirming the strength of the main singer.

Music works released by different members in various fields gave ordinary fans and fans the opportunity to truly feel the group's characteristics "lots of people and lots of colors". This is very important to make To The Nines. By allowing members to freely develop their respective music careers over the past six months, album producers have done a good job of harvesting the aesthetics and personality of each team's music, and knowing in advance how the market has a preference for timbre and singing. each one. .

This is a courageous effort by Ain PERCENT, which operates a combination of PERCENT NATAL, also a multi-company operation and game and capital.

Exploration of the Mode of the Local New Generation Youth League

There is no doubt that "Idol Trainee" is a phenomenal variety show, and NINE PERCENT from this stage is also born in the public eye. However, even the new generation team with a very high starting point, there are various operational difficulties.

For a while, the male team training mode in this program was only four months. Members from different companies and receiving completely different packaging operations were enough to make Aidou Century a headache. Although PERCENT NINE has been formed, members have completed the transition from competitors to teammates, but companies have different settings for their artist development, and are difficult to adjust on weekdays.

Nine Percent launched its first special business: a new generation male team model

Aidou Century did not adopt a method of accelerating work in the period when the group was most topical, but chose to respect the members' self-requirements to complete the high-quality stage. In a previous interview, NINE PERCENT said that the preparation of "To The Nines" took three or four months. To ensure the effectiveness of the group stage, members who are at rest or busy will be able to practice as early or late as possible within the agreed time.

No doubt, this requires more time and money to operate a limited male team. Medieval Aidou made such a layout, and reached consensus with NINE PERCENT: Eternal and unpopular companies, but succeeded. In the male group market, which seems saturated and empty, quick success will only disappear quickly.

Previously, Chen Yuetian, an 85-year-old investor who had invested in SNH48 and original paintings, said: "There is a higher value for male groups and male stars in China than for actresses. There, but why does the men's team not come out ? Because everyone doesn't do it right. "

Nine Percent launched its first special business: a new generation male team model

So, what is the right group of domestic men who fulfill public aspirations? Need to have the ability of Aidou indented business, more need to find a balance in peanuts love and business exposure, need to have an avant-garde personality attitude, but also need to have musical sincerity and stage, the most important is the "group" of Kata men's team

NINE PERCENT, a group of young men, gradually realized public expectations for an ideal team of domestic men.

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