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Netflix condemned 15 Oscar nominations for Rome for nominating the best films

Sina Beijing Technology News news on January 23 morning, according to US financial media reports CNBC, Netflix share price fell 4.1% on Tuesday, although the streaming company won 15 Oscar nominations, including "Roman" (Roma) nominated for the best film.

Stills "Roman"

Due to concerns about the economic slowdown, the overall stock market showed negative growth on Tuesday, and the Nasdaq Composite Index, which was dominated by technology shares, fell 1.9%. Still,NetflixThe relatively sharp decline was still surprising, because the company's films received many praises that day, except for Disney Studios (16 nominations) and Fox Searchlights (15 nominations), which won the Oscar nomination for the third time. Producer.

Netflix was nominated for the best film for the first time with "Roman." As more companies announce their entry into the streaming media market, the company continues to invest in its original content. In the fourth quarter of the 2018 earnings report, Netflix said that due to the success of the original content, "the program's focus was diminishing on secondary creation." However, the company did not give up on the second creation.

Netflix said in the letter: "For the second edition content that studios, networks and filmmakers are willing to sell, we are ready to buy at the highest market price, but if other people choose to store their content for their services, we are also ready to make members we are happy with extraordinary original works. "

The Oscar will be broadcast at the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) at 20:00 Eastern Time on February 24. (Small)

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