National soccer decompression, high-intensity training, 30-day vacation, 1-day adjustment conditions _ 中国 足球 _ 国 队 _ 华 华 体 在线 比 直播 网 – China Sports Network


  1. National football decompression, high intensity training, 30 day vacation, 1 day adjustment status _ 中国 足球 _ 国 队 _ 华 体 体 真 比 分 分 网 China
  2. Tianjin Media: If this is a miracle at the Asian Cup, it is not impossible for Lippi to remain in office.
  3. Warming up – Wu Haojian Gong Yan Junling broke national soccer 1-1 Jordan two battles _ Jordan team Sohu
  4. Zhang Lu: Lippi stressed that the national football team is competitive in Asia and everyone is healthy.
  5. The Asian Cup can still adjust the list of 23 people 6 hours before the start of the match. Lippi is angry with Iraq. 张 鹭 正 Sohu
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