National account book: Last year, China's net population increase was 5.3 million GDP, 90 trillion yuan | Daily Economic News


On the morning of January 21, data released by the National Bureau of Statistics showed that gross domestic product for the first time in 2018 exceeded 90 trillion yuan for the first time. According to comparable prices, it increased 6.6% from the previous year, achieving growth "Government Work Report" last year. The target is around 6.5%. At the same time, the population born in 2018 is 15.23 million, and net population growth is 5.3 million, both of which have reached new lows since 1962. The population aged 60 years and over is 294.49 million, accounting for 17, 9% of the total population, of which 166.58 million people aged 65 years and over, account for 11.9% of the total population.

In recent networks, China's negative population growth and demographic dividends have disappeared. Ning Jizhen, director of the National Statistics Bureau, responded on the 21st that the Chinese population has maintained positive growth in 2018. The annual birth population is 15.23 million, a sizeable proportion is the second child. The numbers are quite large, and there are still around 900 million people of working age, Chinese demographic dividends still exist.

On January 21, in the waiting room of the Harbin Railway Station, a child kissed parents and officially launched the Spring Festival in 2019. Xinhua News Agency

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