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Online Economic Observer Reporter Dong Ruiqiang The issue of environmental protection from the steel industry has always been the focus of society. Compliance with environmental protection has become an important factor in the production and operation of steel mills. The new round of blue sky defense warfare increased oversight, but also the problem of air pollution from steel companies across the country as the main surveillance content, and all companies, including local governments, continued to face tough tests.

On January 21, Liu Bingjiang, Director of the Atmospheric Environment Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, said: "In 2019, the focus of prevention and control of air pollution will focus on the steel industry."

This means that the steel industry as the focus of work on the prevention and control of air pollution will be more concerned by the policy level, supervision of environmental protection and improvement efforts will also increase, the transformation of industrial emissions is very low and deep governance is expected to accelerate.

Liu Bingjiang told reporters that promoting deep governance in the industrial sector was an important guarantee to effectively reduce pollution emissions from the entire community and win the blue sky defense war. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment will promote deep pollution control in key industries. "The first focus is to promote ultra-low emission work in the steel industry, the second is to promote the application of special emission limits for atmospheric pollutants in key areas, and the third is to promote VOC control." He acknowledged that industrial governance inside will not be paved. Very large, focusing on these tasks in the main field.

According to him, at present, many steel companies and industries are actively responding to the requirements of the blue sky defense war, and have transformed emissions very low. Deep government from the steel industry will be the focus of prevention and control of air pollution in 2019.

"Special emission limits" will be pushed to the Yangtze River Delta and Plains

Liu Bingjiang revealed that he would promote the improvement and improvement of pollution control facilities in the industry by tightening emission limits. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas have fully implemented special emission limits for atmospheric pollutants since October 1, 2018, and will gradually be expanded to other regions such as the Yangtze River Delta and Yan Plain.

According to the "Intensive Oversight Program for the Main Areas of the Blue Sky Defense War 2018-1919", the 11th city of the Plains Plain was registered for the first time in the main inspection area for the prevention and control of air pollution. In early September last year, Yan Plain issued an "Action Plan for Comprehensive Management of Air Pollution in Fall and Winter in 2018-1919" (Draft for Comments) (hereinafter referred to as "Program"), and put forward the focus on fuel pollution control coal, and understand the comprehensive compliance of industrial companies. Emission companies and "disintegration" are comprehensively improved. The problem of steel company pollution and the casting of "pollution pollution" is the focus of this inspection.

Tian Weiyong, director of the Environmental Monitoring Bureau of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, said that the Ministry of Ecology and Environment will conduct special inspections of central environmental protection in a timely manner when prevention and control of air pollution is weak, air pollution is serious, heavy pollution often occurs, and environmental quality is increase. Applying the method of quantitative accountability is rigorous, and at the same time continues to expose illegal companies, and urges the implementation of government regulatory duties and corporate responsibility.

Liu Bingjiang told reporters, "Because winning the blue sky to defend the war, there are no jokes in the army, words must be done, and the lines must bear fruit. If you fail to complete the task, you will be responsible. Now every month to improve the situation meteorological factors are the objectives of cities in the main regions this year that have been fully considered, accountability approaches are now being developed, and so it is impossible to be responsible, including public interviews, regional restrictions, etc., we must be firm. "

In managing the company's VOC, Liu Bingjiang said that this governance is broad and relevant emission standards will be released this year. Last year, 28,000 governance jobs were completed. In 2019, it will continue to advance, both to solve ozone problems and also for PM2. .5.

For pollution control projects, including very low emissions from the steel industry, Liu Bingjiang acknowledges that there are also a number of problems, such as the same scale steel companies have spent several hundred million, some only tens of millions, the basic hardware configuration of pollution control projects. ask for it, you will definitely experience problems.

In his view, from a large perspective, the environment protection service industry must solve bad money problems that issue good money. In the same industry, it cannot be done because of high investment in environmental protection, good operations, and high environmental protection costs. Let those who invest less and run poorly make more money, first to solve this aspect of the configuration problem.

In addition, from the market point of view, Liu Bingjiang said, "We need to train a number of corporate governance with good performance, high reputation and governance capabilities, to create better opportunities for them to expand markets and develop nationally. Large environmental management company and service company. We need to provide services for companies, including the introduction of technical guidelines, technical specifications, etc. "


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