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Looking back on the six-year development of Hammer Technology, the road has never been flat – Smartisan Hammer Technology

Beijing's winter is very cold this winter, and it seems cooler to hammer Luo Yonghao's technology. Although Hammer Technology is often hit by previous crises, this time it might be the most serious.Looking back at the hammer development path for years, it's never flat.

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When talking about hammer technology, I must say that Luo Yonghao, a man from Yanbian, Jilin, dropped out of school in the second year of high school. After dropping out of school at Luo Yonghao High School, he did business like selling used books and reselling private cars. Then, because of economic pressure, I decided to go to an English language training institution as a lecturer and study English hard. Relying on his own application letter to Yu Minhong, he began his teaching career at New Oriental in 2001. With a very idealistic style of humor and temperament, it was very popular with students. "Quotations of Old Luo" are also popular in the north and south of the Yangtze River, Lao Luo is the first generation of "red nets." After leaving 2006 and leaving New Oriental, he founded Niubo. In 2008, he started an English school. In 2009, he opened the "My Struggle" tourist speech. In 2010, he published an inspirational autobiography "My Struggle". In the same year, he was at the Haidian Theater in Beijing. He gave a speech about entrepreneurial stories in his training school, "An Ideal Entrepreneurship Story", which caused widespread impact. In 2011, at Siemens headquarters in Beijing, the refrigerator was maintained. In early 2012, he questioned Fang Zhouzi's "Family Fund" and started fighting … Even before making a cell phone, Lao Luo's life was enough. Of course, the most unexpected thing is that people who have not had a good relationship with the cellphone industry have started cell phones, although many friends around him have advised him not to do so, he firmly joined the industry.

First hand

Looking back on the development path of Hammer Technology for six years, the basics have never been flat. At the end of 2011, Luo Yonghao was invited to meet with Lei Jun at Xiaomi Headquarters. Luo Yonghao only hoped to cooperate with Xiaomi, but found that some of his ideas and Lei Jun had differences, and Meng Meng made his own ideas for making cellphones. In May 2012, Hammer Technology was formally established, and at that time, due to Luo Yonghao's own flow attributes, it received a lot of attention. In early 2012, the round angel financing was obtained by 10 million founders Tang Mo, the company's valuation. 50 million. In 2013, he won 70 million financing rounds. At that time, the hammer product was only the Smartisan OS, which was still immature, based on Android's deep customization system.

In 2014, Hammer first received funding of 180 million, and in May of the same year released its first smart phone Smartisan T1. Once press conferences attract a lot of attention, industrial design is also very interesting, but the problem of high prices, low yields, and inadequate capacity makes the market performance not good, and the heat gradually disappears. Part of the reason for the lack of production is because the hammer is still a small producer, casting is still dominated by large producers, so the production capacity of T1 is difficult to compensate for, and lack of yield is partly due to the fact that casting is not part of the reason. and it is difficult for casting to meet its requirements. Although it has also experienced large price cuts, overall market performance is still not achievable, and it makes the next round of Hammer financing increasingly urgent.

Another important thing that happened in 2104 was the war that broke out between Luo Yonghao and Wang Ziru. Besides, Luo Yonghao is a new one. So before the official release of the product, he paid the tuition fee for ZEALER at that time. Both also often interact on the web, in the "honeymoon period". Before the release of the T1 hammer, Wang Ziru did not elaborate on this cellphone problem. On August 1, Wang Ziru released a T1 hammer evaluation video. In this evaluation, Wang Ziru registered a mobile hammer with a screw. Removable back cover brings many disadvantages. "This is not considered the best cellphone in the eastern hemisphere." The cable is easily broken by static electricity. Sensor folding methods affect reliability. After the video aired, several netizens commented on "receiving money to do things" and "measuring black" from Zeler. On the 2nd official website, Zealer, the "appearance score" in the "Appearance Structure" of the T1 hammer evaluation tool was evaluated as one star for 3,926 consecutive times, which resulted in a decrease in T1 ranking and event escalation. On the 12th, both men "about" Youku, and on the 27th held a tear game. Lao Luo, with his extraordinary fluency, said that Wang Ziru was speechless, but none of them won in this war. Lao Luo lost his feelings. Wang Ziru lost his goal and was fair, only the iPhone was the winner, and he did it for free. Hour ad. However, in retrospect, in fact, both of them were also winners. The hammer cellphone was also known by more people because of this incident, and Wang Ziru was not mixed afterwards.

A glass of water

In 2015, there were company investments, subscription rights, and investments from a number of companies, the hammer stumbled and finalized C round 100 million yuan in financing, and got a funding round D nearing the end of the year. 100 million yuan is only a drop in the bucket for cell phone companies, but at least let the hammer hold on. This year, the hammer brings a total of two products. First, removing one thousand yuan of product nuts in August. With 100,000 units sold at a good price / performance ratio, sold out. At the same time, Luo Yonghao also announced that the sales volume of hammer T1 was 255,626 units. The average price is 2,600 yuan, although there are still gaps with major manufacturers of millions and ten million units, it is still a good result for the start-up hammer. Luo Yonghao also said that T2 would be at the end of the conference. Published at the end of the year. In October, the hammer brought a mobile version of Wenqing beans, and continued to consolidate the thousand yuan engine market.

Despite the continuous "jump", the T2 hammer still came in December, it still continues the high level of industrial design, but the lack of hardware configuration makes it appear too fast, its competitiveness is far behind the opponent. . In addition, Zhongtianxin's hammer casting technology collapsed before its release, which could be said to be worse, although a hammer technology spokesman said that production and sales plans for the new T2 would not be affected, and T2 produced by Zhongtianxin had been shipped, but Palu was no longer allowed to find other foundry. Hammer technology also continues to lose money, and the situation is not optimistic.

On the verge of bankruptcy

In 2016, the hammer almost went bankrupt. The volume of product sales is not good, and new financing is not achieved. Palu fell into a crisis. In the first half of 2016, Hammer Technology lost 192 million yuan and the liability-asset ratio was as high as 99%. During this period, Luo Yonghao and the hammer company almost fell to extremes, even Many people thought it was difficult to recover. Luo Yonghao had to rely on his own "job" to defend the company, the "Mo Mo sales agency", in APP to open a column, but also borrow 96 million, and even almost guarantee equity, and finally the hammer also saved a way out. Of course, in addition to making money, Luo Yonghao also found someone, and finally found Wu Dezhou as a hammer technology product line, vice president of hardware research and development, in charge of the Hammer product line and all hardware research and development.

In October this year, hammer introduced the M1 / ​​M1L hammer. Even though it came later, the M1 series followed the flagship configuration, the design was not difficult, and the price was very reasonable. For Smartisan OS who is proud, this product has also achieved good sales in the end, most of which are attributed to Wu Dezhou, the hammer also made it through the year and returned to the right track. Although this product is then called a hammer to "compromise" the market, but saving a hammer, is a good product. However, Hammer Technology is still in a state of heavy losses, and the situation is still bleak.

Come back to life

Last year, it was the year to live again in 2017. On May 9 of that year, Nut Pro was officially launched. Excellent industrial design, cost-effective and smooth OS Smartisan make this product a "dark horse", and some of it is also associated with a strategy with JD. Working together, Pro Bean has become a frequent visitor to the JD sales list. It is understandable that the final sale of this product is also 1 million units, the results are very good. Because of the excellent performance of the pro beans, the hammer also received funding of 1 billion led by the Chengdu government this year, giving it a chance to breathe.

On November 7 of the same year, Hammer released the Pro2 mur, which also followed the "full screen" design trend, while maintaining a very good price / performance ratio, and also received a good market response. At the same time, it also carries fine breathing air cleaners, which are placed in other fields.

Cold winter

In 2018, the hammer carries machine nuts of 3 thousand yuan, R1 mainstay machine nuts and Pro2S middle-end product nuts. A relatively complete product matrix has been made, but what many people can't think of is that the hammer doesn't choose to be stable. At the heaviest hammer press conference, in addition to the superior nut R1, the TNT nut work station called Luo Yonghao as a revolutionary new product, TNT became the most controversial product in the history of the hammer, and the hammer was once again paradoxical. In a storm, due to a small number of orders, finally abortion. Although TNT appears in our view here in other situations, this product also requires a lot of time, energy and money from the hammer, but fails to achieve success and the hammer is still relatively large. Even though hammer got big financing last year, there was still too much risk to go to products that had not been market tested. I think the TNT work station has innovative products, although not as good as the old Luo said, but also extraordinary, the main problem is not meeting market conditions and needs at the time, and the second is the hammer. The masses to challenge the entire PC industry completely to hit the rock.

Then we look back at the three hammer cellphone products this year. The $ 3 gang is designed to meet the "full screen" market, but the Snapdragon 625 processor is too conservative. The R1 flagship nut engine, I think it is a quality flagship product, but it doesn't have a very big bright spot. When it competes with other major producers, it is difficult to become an enemy. In addition, many producers of "black technology" this year often occur, and R1 nuts are difficult to sell. Reach a breakthrough. Pro2S nuts as a mid-range product are very good in terms of hardware, appearance, camera, system, etc. However, the mid-end market competition this year was also very fierce, the price war took a hit, the Pro2S nuts did not take into account anything cheap. In addition, cooperation between Hammer and JD. It seems to have a problem in 2018. After adjusting the Jingdong structure, Yan Xiaobing replaced Hu Shengli who was in charge of the electronic entertainment business group. This person is very important for profit, and the hammer cellphone released a new product in 2018. The sales volume at Jingdong was not satisfactory, and Jingdong gradually alienated the hammer. According to data provided by domestic big Rising Sun data, this year's mobile hammer shipments are less than one million, which can be said to be very pessimistic.

In November, despite the deepening crisis of the capital crisis, Hammer held a "no press conference for cellphones" in Chengdu, and released smart floor moisturizers that breathe smooth, refreshing smart desktop moisturizers, David and Shirei. Smart Speaker D1, Business Suitcase Horizon 8 and Nut R1 Peacock Blue Special Edition and other new products. However, it is a pity that some products will not be shipped until next year due to capacity problems. Some of them have to be shipped this year, and it is very difficult to expect them to complete the main hammer reversal. In addition, even though Lao Luo said earlier that making a cellphone was only for friends, but not enough friends to start enough to attack other markets by themselves is also a dangerous thing for hammers.

This year, information on the bullets invested by Hammer has also been fired in the second half of this year with new interactions and functions, has received investment attention and intentions from many companies, and quickly obtained financing of 100 million yuan. The number of users gradually increased, but soon gradually lost its voice. I have been using this application for a while, its function is perfect, and even has many functions that WeChat does not have, the user experience is very good. But the problem is that even if a lot of bullets are used, others use WeChat. No friends can let us use it and we cannot break away from WeChat's social circle and pay fast, so many people use it again. . Even though "bullets" are still flying now, I don't know how far I can fly.

On October 15 this year, several people on the Internet delivered the news that "Chengdu Branch Hammer Technology is facing dissolution" and is experiencing layoffs. According to the report "Finance", another soul from Hammer Technology – COO Wu Dezhou also plans to leave. Although Hammer Technology issued an official statement on October 16, denying the rumors above, claiming to be "consolidated" behavior from three technical personnel, but many people in the cellphone industry said that the hammer's internal adjustments and business situation once again fell into crisis. Technology also admitted in November that the company was in crisis, but hoped that everyone could give time. At the same time, suppliers of parts also took him to court, saying that after shipping goods, half of the payments were not given. The amount reaches 4 to 5 million yuan. In December, Hammer Technology was exposed to news that they were unable to pay salaries in November on time, and then there was news that many suppliers came to collect debts, subsidiaries and legal entities changed, and then Luo Yonghao's equity was frozen. , Beijing Digital Hammer Technology Co., Ltd. 4.5 million deposits frozen … Hammer technology can be said as a wave of riots, this winter is very difficult for them. The manager of Haizhou Hammer Zhu technology products also answered on Weibo. Netizen questions about the current situation of hammer technology, from the answer, the hammer may face a crisis, but it cannot be resolved. To the point.

Has defeat been fixed?

An unfavorable situation in the early stages of Hammer Technology can be said to be caused by Mr. Luo's excessive idealism. Users who feel that they are serious about building a product will pay for it, but the lack of a sales strategy and supply chain cannot keep the hammer in a dangerous situation. Wu Dezhou came to be in charge of products and supply chains, and Hammer Technology also ushered in an increasing period. In 2018, the industry enters the winter period. Hammer technology does not have many problems with the sales and good reputation of two products last year and good financing. The success of the hammer is once again in crisis. However, I don't think that the hammer has been completed. Although cellphones are not optimistic, some non-mobile products released at the end of the year are rather competitive. As long as they support it, they will find an investment, and the mobile will be stable and stable. Hope for rejuvenation. It can be said that I don't want the hammer to fall. After all, this is a Chinese company. It also shows us the strong industrial design capabilities, brings a good operating system and injects strength into the cellular telephone industry.

Here, I also talk about financing 1 billion. Many people might think that this is a lot of money. It is true that most ordinary people may not be able to obtain such wealth for life, and this is a lot to hammer at that time. Money, although not realistic to rely on is entirely out of trouble, but at least has enough cash flow to operate and ensure the supply of existing products. But for the cellular telephone industry, 1 billion is really only a small amount. Let's count this year. This year, there are 3 products on the hammer, which cover all price points. We calculate hardware costs 1,000 yuan per unit, and 1 billion hammers. The cost of 10,000 units, and the proportion of 1 million units in the entire industry is less than 1%, and company operations, product sales, technology research and development must spend money, 1 billion is really not much.

This year can be said to be the winter of the cellular telephone industry. The market is becoming increasingly clear to major brands. Competition is getting tougher. If overall demand does not change or even declines, large producers have more capital to market and layout product lines. To seize the market, this also makes producers the echelon of follow-up more difficult, and it is the best policy to force themselves to develop self-protection. For hammers, cellphone shipments this year are not good, there is no support from large producers, no new financing, all losses can only be borne by the hammer itself. In this industry long distance run, for producers behind, it is not wrong to compensate for the leading team, but to consider their own physical strength, to fight hard to catch up, but to cause their physical strength to fall further. Even outside the game, it makes more sense to look for opportunities and breakthroughs after a difficult winter.

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