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2018-11-07 04:51:33 Source: Beijing Daily

With only 3.9 seconds left, the Beijing Rural Commercial Bank's men's basketball team is still one point behind and holds the ball. Jackson's team top scorer and foreign aid were tightly tied, and it was difficult to get rid of the left and right flash. At crucial times, Zhang Fan's new domestic assistance ran back to the three-second zone under Xu Mengjun's protection, Yu Long firmly threw a side ball to Zhang Fan, who forcefully pushed the ball forward – the score remained at 132 to 131. In the eighth round Last month's CBA regular season, the North Caravan Farm team was at home, relying on the last moment of knowledge to win the Guangzhou China team era. Ding Wei, a former coach who was reportedly "out of class", also returned to the coaching staff.

After the first seven rounds, Caravan Farm North only won the victory against the Jilin team on the road, winning the bottom. The Guangzhou team won 5 wins and 2 defeats, ranking fifth in the winning percentage. Last night, the second part of Caravan Farm North played a 10-0 surge with 14 points behind, and chased the score to 66-67 at the end of the first half. After the third quarter, Caravan North Agriculture is still one point behind. In the last quarter, the North Caravan Farm did not give up in case of difficulties in overtaking. In the last half minute, foul tactics were used three times, and finally the knowledge was completed at the last moment, reversing the victory.

In this campaign, Caravan Pertanian Utara hit a total of 22 three-point shots and shot 51.2%. In addition to two foreign aid working together to score 70 points, captain Yu Liang, national hand Xu Mengjun and defender Yu Xiaolong scored in double. "This is not a simple victory, but the team defeated the devil one by one and found the symbol of victory." Ding Wei said that even though the team was in a low valley, it never gave up the determination to win. The victory was all spelled out. Today everyone is fierce and I am proud of them. "

This game's victory also opened a good start to "return" from Ding Wei. After four consecutive defeats at the start of the season, some media revealed that the club would cancel the contract with Ding Wei, who missed the fifth and seventh matches because of "physical inconvenience." Ding Wei said yesterday that due to fatigue and mental stress, his previous physical condition was "very, very bad", so he temporarily left the post to adjust. Regarding rumors outside, he said that he would not be affected. "As a professional coach, whether in the office or not, in the face of the team's collective interests, personal gains and losses are nothing."

(Source of article: Beijing Daily)


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