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The original title: "Knowing whether it is known" or not, attempts to present the most authentic ancient life map

According to those concerns, novels with the same name were adapted, Zeng Yi, screenwriter Wu Tong, director Zhang Kaizhou, Hou Hongliang as producer of the drama of an ancient social family theme "I know whether it should be thin red fat green" on December 25 in Hunan The Golden Eagle Theater solo satellite TV was officially launched. This event wins audiences with interesting storylines, different characters and beautiful sets. (CMS National Network, Live Cloud Live Broadcast, CSM52 City and other ranking data for example), the first broadcast, TV series broadcast on provincial TV this year. The performance is very charming.

A careful sketch of romantic figures, the ingenuity of production spotlight often

"Knowledge No" tells the story of Shengfu prostitutes, Sheng Minglan in the supporting master's gaps, grandchildren, femme fatale, Lin Xiaoniang, etc. Patience, from being intimidated to being a big man that affects family prosperity. Through the experience of the growth, emotional attachment and married life of Sheng Minglan, Gu Tingxi, Qi Heng and other figures, this drama explores traditional Chinese family relationships and marriage and marriage between young men and women. This is a rare drama realism costume.

In the first two episodes that have been aired, this drama is based on Shenghualan's recruitment. From small butterflies, charity cannot be taken, and people in Shengfu are connected, and character plots will be told in several paragraphs. In particular, young master Changbai and Gu Tingyu threw gambling pots and hired some geese. The relationship between the layers of character is tense, and the story of crushing and squeezing is also very exciting: on the surface, this is a happy scene of prostitutes in Shengfu. In the dark, this banquet is a game of family internal games.

In the drama, the old and new drama plays against the drama, and the flow of running water makes the audience see the heart.

Continuing to exert strength, Hunan Satellite TV increases the value of the brand with high-quality drama

"Knowledge" has convoluted characters and twists, but does not intentionally tear dog blood. The whole looks elegant and fresh, and there is no innovation. Unlike popular costumes from the current era, drama is cut from a family perspective, to the height of a growing family temple, to the character's daily dialogue "" "and the details of the wax night scene, and the entire drama tries to present the most authentic picture and natural from ancient life. This is what Hunan Satellite TV is looking for for "quality work" and "type innovation". As the annual end of the Golden Eagle single theater in Hunan Satellite TV, "Knowledge" uses real and life to penetrate the boundary between drama costumes and real human feelings, and uses subtle insights to impress the gentle inner audience, becoming one of the TV screens later this year . Big surprise.

In 2018, the film and television drama market declined. When David sought a way out of transformation, Hunan Satellite TV led the promotion of brand value with the dramas "My Youth Meets You", "Old Boy", "Great Future" and other dramas, and was stable. Overall ranking, unique excellence, flexible layout, and strong marketing and publicity have been widely known to audiences and industries, and have continued to create their own high reputation and quality.

If you have content, you will have confidence. "Knowledge" uses the Lord's recovery scene, three-dimensional character of life, and excellent overall drama quality to save the often-recognized drama of IP adaptation, redeem the explosion at the costume drama market this year, and also allow Hunan TV in the TV drama field. , I won the top position and occupied the "mouth to mouth" in the hearts of the attendees.

It was reported that "Knowledge" was officially launched on December 25, 2018, in Hunan Satellite TV Golden Eagle. In the latest plot, Minglan, a bright-eyed one, was hated by Lin Xiaoniang, and Gu Tingyu was also stunned by piercing water. What unexpected changes will be faced by the two protagonists? The story of the drama, which is intertwined and interrelated, also triggers heated discussions among the audience.


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