Huayi Brothers stock price plummeted Cui Yongyuan: God can't stand it anymore – Information that doesn't need to worry


On the 27th, Cui Yongyuan wrote on social media: "I think it's because I'm too angry, and God can't stand it anymore." The two images are the Huayi Brothers stock chart and the Huayi Brothers evaporation article. . Cui Yongyuan's words won the support of many netizens, everyone said: "Supporting Teacher Cui, Xiao Cui cheered."

In the picture taken by Cui Yongyuan, the article about the evaporation of the market value of Huayi Brothers was extraordinary, the article wrote that Huayi's share price had been broken 5, and the market value had evaporated by 70 billion. Huayi Brothers are in swamps. It was reported that under Fan Bingbing tax evasion, Huayi was also affected.


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