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A group of "little characters" from "The King of New Comedy" are also equipped with the Spring Festival? Today, the film to be released on New Year's Day has exposed the director's special feature. Director Zhou Xingchi personally pointed out during the filming. Serious circumstances revealed in special editions. In Stephen Chow's eyes, there was no "small role" in the drama. .The Spring Festival Kiosk gathered in large numbers, and Zhou Xingchi led the "dragon walking dead" group in the 2019 Spring Festival.

Yin Xingqiu, played by Stephen Chow in "The King of Comedy" 20 years ago has become a classic image of countless fans. His serious obsession in making films was also reflected in the process of shooting "The King of New Comedy" as a director. . In Zhou Xingchi's special edition, many "small characters" appeared in full, and every "small role" expression and movement, Zhou Xingchi had to personally show guidance.

"The King of New Comedy" directed by Zhou Xingchi:

To ensure that the "New Comedy King" can meet Stephen Chow's own requirements, many scenes must be repeated and played back. In a special series, Zhou Xingchi often saw "咔". Wang Baoqiang, the film hero, admitted that he also experienced the most remakes in his career. He said: "In the past, there were at most a dozen." The New Comedy King "was shot more than 50 times. I really enjoyed working with Xingye and hoping to appear satisfying."

As we all know, what is best known in Stephen Chow's films is the rise of small people and the bitterness of their lives. At present, watching "small characters" in special editions faces the strict requirements of Stephen Chow, in fact, it is also a struggle for them. The fate of the small characters in the drama was the same as Zhou Xingchi's high demands when they made films.

Zhou Xingchi's latest work "The King of New Comedy" stars Wang Baoqiang, E Jingwen, Zhang Quan, Jing Ruyang, Zhang Qi and Yuan Xingzhe, and will land on National Day on February 5, 2019.


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