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Original title: From books banned to selected books, Jin Yong's novels in Taiwan's "drift fantasy"

In martial arts novels, Jin Yong passed away, and the Chinese world mourned. In Taiwan, Jin Yong's novels were banned for a long time. Later, even though they were released from the ban, they were still considered floods and animals by the majority of parents, and children were not permitted to read. Today, Jin Yong's novels have entered Taiwanese books and papers. Between up and down, watching classics will travel through space and time.

What is a "hidden name"?

"The Legend of the Condor Heroes" is a masterpiece from Jin Yong, but in Taiwan, when people touched it on the island, it was called "The Heroes of the Desert."

At the end of 1959, "Security Command" ("Chief of Police"), the largest emotional institution in the sensitive period of the Taiwan government, ordered the implementation of the "Rain Storm Project" to specifically ban "General Martial Arts Novels". list. Because the works were banned, Jin Yong's novels could only be quietly popular on the island, and publishers had changed their faces to carry out piracy. Not only were the works renamed, but even the protagonists in the book had to be replaced. his name.

It is said that "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" was renamed and related to the verse "only recognizes the bow and shoots the big eagle". The reason why "dragons" are banned is because of dialogue – "Wang Yujian saw two people fighting, and he said in an ordinary manner: This is Jiangnan Jiang's famous family step past the smoke of the clouds!" Therefore, the Taiwanese authorities believe that it "refers to mulberry." Another way to say is that the Murong "Eight Dragons" complex shot at a politician at the time.

In addition, "Yi Tian Tu Long Ji" called "Great Knife" in Taiwan at that time, "Swordsman" has been renamed "Duo Gu Jiu Jian", "Jian En Chou Lu's Book" was changed to "Swordsman Linguist", "Lu Ding Ji" becomes "Little White Dragon", and so on.

Selected textbooks and papers

The charm of Jin Yong's novels is too big. Under the active efforts of all walks of life in Taiwan, Jin Yong's works were revoked in Taiwan in 1979. However, Taiwanese parents were reluctant to go to school for a long time to see "books study, "including Jin Yong novels. In recent years, the literary value of Jin Yong's novels has been strengthened. Some textbooks and examinations in Taiwan have begun to include Jin Yong novels.

In addition to textbooks promoted by Taiwanese authorities, there are many versions of Taiwan textbooks. Among them, Hanlin's version of the third grade Chinese textbook in the third semester of Taiwan chose "Biography of Hero Fengying" in the book Huang Rongzhi story, Hanlin version of the third semester of the second year of the semester also chose "Tianlong Ba Bu" in Yanmenguan outside Xiao Feng retired to retire plot plot.

At the same time, the Chinese proposition in the Taiwan college entrance examination moves towards life, multi-dimensional material, martial arts novels gradually enter the title, Taiwan calendar year test statistics, referring to the language test question, only "The Legend of Jin Yong's the Condor Heroes, "The Condor Heroes" 3 times; Gu Long, Liang Yusheng's martial arts novel and Wang Duyu's novel "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" have also been tested.

Taiwanese star secondary schools open a list of books for new students every summer vacation, encouraging reading classical literature, including Jin Yong novels such as "Sword Swordsman" on the list.

Effects of classical circulation

Duan Xinyi, director of the Advertising Department of the Chinese Culture University in Taiwan, believes that from the Tang Dynasty legend, novels play different roles in each era, enter the vernacular era, novels are an important part of literary trends, and Jin Yong's martial arts novel is called "Wenbai "The combination of models, contents of works with rich emotions, national justice, novel forms, unique literary values ​​that are popular among Chinese people, has influenced many ordinary people, it was chosen into Taiwan textbooks to attract more students to like reading classical literature and liking Chinese history.

The influence of Jin Yong novels on Taiwanese society and its various aspects. The President of the National Taiwan University was chosen by the Democratic Progressive Party. He used to be "strong in his life, and he is strong, and he is strong in the wind. He is traversed by him, and the moon shines on the river." Long Lai Qingde was also quoted in the same book, "He was complacent, he was satisfied, I was really angry." Jin Yongxian went to the island to take the style of Jin Yong's novel compared to the politicians. Politicians put gold on their faces, and they have a good image in the book. Spicy Metaphor Netizens often touch the top and score three points. The role of the novel can see the reality of all beings, but also the depth of Jin Yong's ability to shape characters.

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