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Exposing the Barcelona player to provoke Messi's high-faint decision to make him despair – football is hair –

2018-12-01 01:24:07 Source: Football is hair

Original title: Uncovers Barcelona players to provoke high-level stupid decisions to make him despair

In the midweek Champions League group match, Barcelona beat Eindhoven with a score of 2: 1, and the team was able to lock the group's top position in advance. In the league, although the last round because it did not defeat Atletico Madrid, caused Barcelona to lose points again, but could still be ranked second in the league.

Of the overall appearance this season, Barcelona is still quite good. However, there are some problems in this regard, the most serious is undoubtedly defensive. Barcelona's defense this season is quite bad. After only 13 rounds, Barcelona lost 19 goals. You know, Barcelona lost 9 goals in 20 rounds last season.

This is also because Barcelona have lost too much this season, which also caused the team's dominant strength in the league this season to be very serious. If it's been in the past, Barcelona must have an edge in this season. But now Barcelona are still two points behind Sevilla in the league.

Even though Barcelona's focus has shifted from the league to the Champions League this season, it's not easy to win the Champions League this season with the current defense of the team. Therefore, in such situations, according to Spain's "Mr. Football" news, Messi also hopes Barcelona can continue to strengthen the defense in the winter window.

In the last two seasons, Barcelona's main candidate in the center-back position is Pique's partner, Um Titi. However, Umtiti has been hit by injuries this season. Recently, Barcelona announced that Umtiti will be treated conservatively, which means that the return will be a question mark. In the absence of Umtiti, Pique's partner became Langley.

However, Pique and Langley's partner was unstable. Especially this season, the decline in Pique is quite serious. Because of this, Messi also hopes that the club will be able to introduce a young defender and be strong in the transfer market. Messi hopes Barcelona will introduce the young Ajax midfielder, Der Hutt.

However, according to "Mr. Football", the Barcelona executive was unwilling to introduce Drecht. Because in the eyes of Barcelona, ​​the combination of Langley and Pique was truly sufficient. They are only willing to sign David Luis or Ivanovic in the winter window as a transition.

The media indicated that Messi was very dissatisfied with Barcelona's top management plans. Not to mention David Luis and Ivanovic are over 30 years old, and their status has also experienced a huge decline. Messi hopes that the club will be able to consider and introduce young players for a long time.

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