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Encourage to restart – Launch of the National Weightlifting Team Winter Training 华奥 星空 -China Professional Sports National Team Website

Drive hard and start again. The National Weightlifting Winter Training Mobilization Conference held on November 28 added fire at the opening of this passionate winter training.

The Ashgabat Weightlifting World Championships, which ended earlier this month, are the best World Championships on China's weightlifting team. 20 gold, 23 silver, 10 copper, 53 medals are the highest in history, reflecting China's weightlifting dominance in the world. This is also the first time in history that 20 athletes participating in the competition have won medals. This is not easy in the context of the Federation of International Federations 20 of the level adjustments. Faced with level adjustments, the national weightlifting team quickly adapted and often broke and created a new world record at the World Championship.

At the same time, the world championship with the highest level of success and full level of athletes. Before the game, the team has formulated a clear guiding ideology, namely, to play levels, understand opponents, build self-confidence, and open strategies and annoy the team and followed clearly . Implementation of these ideas, the team is very consistent. 20 players have 7 players and 6 of them all succeed, 6 of them have 5 successes and 5 of them have 4 successes. This success rate makes the game scene fierce and fierce.

At the Ashgabat World Championship, Chinese weightlifting teams are prepared, ordered, clear, clear, tactical, team-based and effective. These work starts from research, medical care, rehabilitation, weight control, information gathering, and pre-match preparation. Various guarantees, so that athletes and coaches can play the game without fear.

After the new year in the international arena, facing changes and challenges from various situations, both domestic and foreign are concerned about the image and spirit of the Chinese weightlifting team. Athletes and coaches of the national weightlifting team show the style of the Chinese weightlifting champion. No matter competition in the field, exchanges with foreign players, and interviews with domestic and foreign media, they are all generous and confident, showing China's new weight lifting. The image has won a good response.

At the meeting, the State Sports General Administration held a speech about the mobilization of Zhou Jinqiang, director of the Sports and Sports Management Center. The opening of the World Championship inspired the national weightlifting team to start important winter training and prepare for the Tokyo Olympics. At the same time, he said that the World Championship was only a meeting in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics, the team still had a long journey to go.

It is important to recognize the strengths and find the problem at the same time. It must quickly get out of self praise and pleasure. This is also a measure of the maturity of athletes and coaches, all from the beginning on the podium.

Summarizing the performance of the National World Weightlifting Team, the team also found many problems, which needed to be solved in winter training and training for the following year. "First, the assessment of small and medium men and women on our opponents is too conservative. The opponent's victory over us is not unexpected. Some of the gaps between opponents and opponents are still relatively large. The champions have reached the level of 76, 87 and male. the 81kg class is not good enough for a number of reasons, but that does not mean that they do not have the strength to challenge us in the future.The situation is very serious.Both, strategy and tactics in the game are still flawed and lacking, pre-match preparation, training concepts and models , There is a problem with the analysis and assessment of a new level. This is only the World Championship Problem presented by the World Championship. It may be enlarged 100 times at the Olympics. We must really study and summarize. Thirdly, our physical training and injury. Prevention, selection, team building. , etc. It needs to be further improved and improved. "

For this purpose, Zhou Jinqiang said that all teams must unite and fight, move forward, quit all, do good work in winter training, and submit 6 special requirements. "First of all, increasing strength as the main goal, the forefront level must consolidate and expand profits, the opponent's strength level is almost the same to get a comparative advantage, the score is not as good as the opponent's level to increase the pursuit. really creating a team that can recruit good warfare, demonstrating the image of China's weightlifting iron army Strengthening the construction of a composite team again, mobilizing the enthusiasm of all parties, relying on the power of science and technology to effectively increase their own strength. , physical fitness. Athletic performance training and training is at the core of weight training. The fifth combination of training and competition will solve the problems exposed in the winter training competition. Sixth, do anti-doping work well, cannot relax , must be involved in training and daily life. "

Strong confidence in the World Championship, the national team must be strong in winter training

"Level reforms have been going on for 4 months. According to the World Championship performance, we have had several adaptations, but we have not fully entered the role. Through competition, players can play more stable after gaining weight. The results are high, and the success rate is relatively high. "Summary of the World Championship, male national team coach Yu Jie believes that players have a new understanding of new levels, winter training must increase strength." Including special strength, physical strength, etc. are all areas of strength. The players have physical and psychological understanding and new levels of improvement. After winter training, there will be new changes. "

In Ashgabat, the men's national team won three championships in the 67, 73 and 81 kg classes, Yu Jie said that this level was relatively in the leading position, but still could not relax, but also in strength and detail. Continue to improve. Class 61 kg, which was defeated by two players, finally lost, Yu Jie said that the team would help Li Fabin and Qin Fulin to catch up. "The 61kg class is also our key level. The two players lost to Irawan Indonesia, and the difference is 7kg. We have to catch up. Both are fully able to compete with Indonesian players, but it takes time. Li Fabin is from the 56kg class, Qin Fulin dropped from 62kg, and both require an adaptation process. "Yu Jie believes that the World Championship is more suitable for Tian Tao, and both levels are very large, though he won the championship, but his appearance has grown to a large difference." This won 181, jerk 226 kg compared to performance best in history, snatched an increase of 4 kg, jerk increased by 6 kg, and the third jerk challenged the success of 236 kg, indicating that its potential is still very large, With a large increase in just four months, our assessment at this level is correct. "

The new point rules from the Tokyo Olympic cycle have broken the inherent model, in the past, the Olympic cycle was to get athletes to participate in full qualifications, and now athletes must qualify. "The integration cycle is divided into three stages. Each athlete competes at least twice at each stage, that is, to participate in 6 competitions, and choose 4 best results to count points. Requirements for athletes are higher, showing small cycles. Fast, high intensity. characteristics, so our training concepts, models, methods, and methods must be changed. "Yu Jie said that the new point rules put forward the physical, psychological and competitive state of athletes. Requirements, but also relatively inhibit the emergence of a dark horse, because you want to participate in the Olympics must participate in all three stages.

The qualification for the Son Olympics in Tokyo has dropped from 6 to 4, which means that each country can only participate in up to 4 male levels. "Each level must have two or three people to get enough points, and there are competitive players in 7 levels, so you can gather enough talent to avoid accidents. Now, 61, 67, 73, 81 kg of talent classes are still acceptable , at least 2 people take points, but a large level of 96, 109, 109 kg or more is still only one person, so we must control the rhythm of the training, avoid serious emergence of injury. "

After the World Championship, the national team of all men is very committed and passionate, and self-confidence is more adequate. Through the game, the opponent's situation is clearer. "The team proposes that in addition to increasing the strength of training in winter training, it is necessary to further enhance the players' physical, mental and compression abilities. Because the competition in the Tokyo cycle is more intense than before, it can be described very fiercely. It is necessary to compete between levels and levels. On the other hand, this is also a good thing. In tame competition, the strength and performance of the players will grow faster. "Yu Jie said.

Veteran love and perseverance Lu Xiaojun

"I really like weightlifting projects. I have been practicing for 20 years. I have a lot of feelings for weightlifting. The coach's feeling is Teacher, and my teammates are brothers. They are like people I love and don't want to leave." The reason why 34 years still cling to it, Lu Xiaojun is not sensational at all, it is a kind of sincere love.

The Olympic champion has broken many world records, but Lu Xiaojun still has a weight gain. "Changes in level have a certain impact on me. When I hit 77, I control the weight of about 2 kg to go to the game. It's more comfortable. Now up to 81 kg, and the weight doesn't go up enough. It's also a bit depressed." The World Championship wins the world record. Then, Lu Xiaojun returned home for 10 days and lost 77 kilograms. "Maybe because the regularity of life is not as strong as the team, and the food is not on time, it will be like this. I'm afraid I should add food later, I'm afraid my weight won't go up. I will weigh two hours before the World Championship, hour 5 pm Half-match, with a heavy 3:30 p.m., I have eaten a lot at lunch, so I am the lightest among the contestants. "

Weight gain has been an important part of Lu Xiaojun's preparation for the Tokyo Olympics, because basically he still uses 77 kilograms to play 81 kilograms. This is not a long-term solution, the weight and strength will grow at the same time to help him continue to stand in the future. Unbeatable. "I better get up to 84, 85 kg, because there is a lot of water in this weight, it's easy to get 2 kg before the match, then steamed the sauna, down to 81 kg. This World Championship and I expect before the match Almost, the forecast is between 375 and 380 kilograms, the competition gave him confidence and saw hopes of continuing to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics, but now there are two big difficulties, one of which is the weight does not increase, and the other after training. Recovery is not that fast. "

Age is an unavoidable problem, and Lu Xiaojun is also very honest in dealing with it. "This year, training does not return to the best, maybe 80% of the best level. If there are many words today, the next day will be slow, but the third day may be in a hurry again. Recovery time must be much longer than before, but through its own rules, such as stretching and warming up earlier than others before training, increasing the time for the team of doctors to relax after training, and starting recovery training earlier than others, so you can overcome it. "

In the face of challenges, Lu Xiaojun chose to continue fighting, and the national weightlifting team's support team also helped him fully, using technology to help extend the life of the sport. "Previous Olympic cycles were young and capable, and training and competition were completed with personal abilities. I had never been to a health room on the first floor of an athlete's apartment. But last year, I basically went massaging every day. When I got older, I also must believe in science, including monitoring physiological and biochemical indicators of the research team, all of whom help the trainer to regulate my training rhythm and benefit from it. "

Women's national team winter training must be improved in all directions. Zhang Guozheng insisted that "someone cannot be lacking"

"Overall, the situation is very serious and difficult." After winning four championships at the World Championship, national team coach Zhang Guozheng is still simple and cautious. Under the high standards and strict requirements, the Olympic level of 7 Chinese women "someone must not be lacking" must continue to increase their strength in all aspects. "In winter training, we must continue to study the project law seriously, identify the characteristics of each athlete to carry out targeted training, and use technology to help improve team strength."

At the Ashgabat World Championship, the Chinese women's movement on the first two levels was 49, 55 kg, faced a Thai player who was blocked, 59 kg of class regretted the Taipei Chinese player, but later in class 64, 71, 76, 87 kg 4 gold, 87 kg or more lost to Russia to get second place. "We feel good about the two minimum levels before the match. As a result, we find that the opponent's strength is beyond our imagination. There are several levels that are influenced by the opponent, and some levels are only the initial test, although the effect is good but only the surface. "Zhang Guozheng believes that even though the World Championship is good from the final result, there are still large gaps with high standards and strict requirements. "We can't buy it for a while. The Tokyo Olympics are already visible. There isn't much time left for us to improve our breakthrough. We only have to fight for two small levels, to kill bloody roads, and there is still a line of strength. Vitality."

In fact, from the championship to the World Championship in just three months, many women in the national team are getting better. "The strength of the players is very good. Compared to the championship results, Hou Zhihui increased from 203 to 208 kg, Li Yajun increased from 218 to 225 kg, and Qi Hui also increased by 10 kg. Both are in an upward trend. Our winter training must understand Contradiction , find the right direction, and destroy the face. To be problem-oriented, that is the key to increasing the overall strength of all players. There should be no idea & # 39; maintaining training & # 39; training training & # 39 ;, and we must innovate and break through. "In the previous cycle, the women's national team relied more on the experience of the trainers themselves in organizing training. Zhang Guozheng believes that this cycle team combines training experience and technology assistance more closely. "Achieved from pan-science to real science, more thorough and practical, more operational."

Although the qualifications for full-time women's participation in the Tokyo Olympics are still four years old, Zhang Guozheng repeatedly emphasizes the concept of "someone can't be lacking". "Which level we cannot let go, we can explore the potential of each level to master the preparation initiative. We observe the opponents in the World Championship, and our opponents also observe us. Maybe we win now but the value is not too high, next year. There will be many opponents coming out because they also see hope to challenge us. "In this winter training, the women's national team will comprehensively increase the comprehensive strength of each level and prepare for the next important preparation stage for the Olympics." The Olympics must choose 4 levels, but now we can't choose it. Next year, the situation changes rapidly. The way to make changes is things that can be controlled is what we have to do. The coach is art, we have to put it in. The direction and rhythm of the team are adjusted to help them achieve increases like stairs. "

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