Due to suspected letter violations, ST Concord was submitted by the Securities and Futures Commission for investigation – Financial News


STKang Dexin22nd nightAnnouncementAfter receiving an investigation notification from CSRC, the CSRC decided to investigate the company for allegedly violating the rules.

According to the announcement, if the company is subject to administrative sanctions by the CSRC and the violation is the main illegal delisting, the company's stock trading will be subject to a delisting risk warning. On the next trading day after the end of the 30-day trading period for the implementation of the delisting risk warning, the company's shares willSuspension.

Kang Dexin was announced yesterday because of the mainBankThe account is frozen and the company's shares trigger another risk warning. Since the market opened on January 23, 2019, the company's stock trading has implemented other risk warnings. The abbreviation is changed from "Kangdexin" to "ST Kangdexin", this code is still "002450", and the daily price limit is limited to 5%.

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