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2019-01-19 14:56:55 Source: Yangtze Evening News

Recently, the TV drama "The King Behind the Scenes", which was broadcast by Dongfang TV, has caused a lot of warm discussion. Apart from the topics of Zhou Dongyu and Luo Jin himself, netizens talked more about it. In addition, clever netizens also analyzed according to the characters and plot in the drama, and analyzed that Hu Ge, Wang Jiaer, etc. In fact it might be a prototype character in the drama, and compare the "King of Scenes" to "Entertainment". Circle illustration. "Yangzi Evening News / Yangyan reporter, Kong Xiaoping

Plot: The same type of program "war seizes" accused of being Wang Jiaer

Comments: Every ring of variety shows is an interesting relationship

"The King Behind the Scenes" is about the behind-the-scenes story of the production of rare variety shows. The core element of drama in the workplace is "reality". To show the actual state of industrial work and to develop characters and stories, the game cannot be done. Avoid exposing the entire ecosystem of the entertainment industry, showing the status quo and people in the entertainment industry.

Bu Xiaogu's apprentice (Zhou Dongyu) is Xingtian Entertainment Co., Ltd., which has made the highest-ranking TV show on the TV station, "Twelve Kings", listening to "I'm a singer" who is familiar. When my competitor company saw that the program was on fire, immediately made another program of the same type, "Supernova" according to this routine. Both of them began fighting for rank.

Just as "Twelve Songs" is preparing for the semi-final to invite heavyweight guests to press the field, "Supernova" also plans to "like special songs", but also invites famous artists, and learns through "spies "entered. The plan for "Twelve Songs", so the first step to reach the super popular singer Yin Zhengyu.

Seeing this, many netizens immediately said that this was not a "battle fight" between "various dances" on "This Street Dance" and "Hot Dance Street Dance Group" in 2017. At that time, these two programs were popular kings who new. Wang Jiaer. It was reported that Wang Jiaer had to participate in "This is Street Dance", and then suddenly participated in the "Hot Dance Street Dance Group", which triggered a strong public opinion network response.

That is also a coincidence. On January 17, 2019, Wang Jiaer voluntarily issued a document acknowledging the violation of the program group "This is street dance". He said that because of his own problems and his team, he temporarily canceled the planned recording of "This is Street Dance". Program groups and fans apologize.

Talking back to the plot itself, in fact, "grabbing people" is to take traffic. After Yin Zhengyu was signed, Mrs. Xiaogu proposed to invite Yin Zhengyu's younger brother Yin Jiaxi because he had suffered from autism before, and he was very topical, plus his brother. Special attention, so if you can go to Yin Jiaxi, your sister's traffic will be shared with her brother. This will minimize the loss of program groups. It can be seen that each ring of variety shows is interesting, and what we see in ordinary audiences is just a lost face.

However, the ME Company is very strong. When signing a contract with Yin Zhengyu, a special clause was added: All personnel associated with Yin Zhengyu were not permitted to participate in other programs, only to prevent running out of power.

Plot: This program tore apart "Slag Man", the star fainted while recording, and so on.


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