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Defeat defending champion Shawa has entered the last 16 of the Australian Open.

This newspaper (reporter Yan Peng) in the 20th season of the Australian Open women's singles third round focus single, 2008 champion Sharapova in an iconic roar, after three sets of fierce battles, being 6 to 4, 4 Beat Australian Open champion Wozniacki last year from 6 and 6 to 3.

This battle was as important to Shawa and Watts. For Sharapova, she hasn't been able to reach the Australian Open in the past three years. This game is also a battle of self-confidence. For Wozniacki, it is also important to maintain the Australian Open champion, this is his first and only Grand Slam title.

Both of them have been on the hard court for the first time since the 2014 final. Shawa's 6 wins and 4 defeats led to a record total battle, but 4 hard courts and 3 defeats on the field dominated slightly.

As Sharapova said after the match, "Before the start of the match, I knew that today is destined to be a difficult struggle." The defending champions struggled to start the game, and even after saving three break points, they passed a strong one. Difficulty. Recently, the taste of Shawa is hot, not only sharp but also not many mistakes.

When Sava roared to win the first set, Wozniacki also began to show endurance. When Sava's own mistakes escalated, the balance of victory was once tilted to the Australian Open champion after the draw was equated. After Wozniacki made a fatal mistake and sent match points, Shawa never gave opponents the chance to win the match. "We have worked together to offer a great fight," Shawa said after the match.

Due to previous bans and injuries, the outside world is no longer optimistic about the prospects for tennis Shawa, and Shawa announced his return through this game. Before this Australian Open, Sharapova said: "I have no plans to retire now. I still have many dreams about tennis. I hope I can finish it."

After returning to the last 16 in three years, Shawa will face another challenge, in the fourth round against local favorite Batty. But to pursue Shawa's dreams, this is just a game that is worth enjoying.

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Li Na plays at the Australian Open

This newspaper (reporter Yan Peng), an old friend of the Australian Open, Li Na, returned to Melbourne Park yesterday. Because the game is arranged in the field, fans can watch Li Na playing with the ticket.

Former Clijsters No. 1 The world announced on its personal social platform yesterday that it will compete with two-time Grand Slam winner Li Na to compete at the 2019 Australian Open. This will also be Li Na's participation in the veteran race after the Wimbledon pair, love Sugiyama last year. It was reported that the event will be held from January 19 to 25, in addition to a combination of Li Na, as well as Davenport, Hantuchuwa, Navratilova, and Stubbs.

In the past two days, former Chinese tennis star and Grand Slam champion Li Na is also in Melbourne. However, compared to Clijsters' "dedication", Li Na came to Australia to spend a lot of time. After his first microblog on social media, he announced that he had returned to Melbourne and went on a date with a cute little animal.

It was reported that Li Na came to Melbourne this time, besides playing at this year's Australian Open Australian Open, it is hoped that he will be honored to join the Tennis Hall of Fame at the Australian Open. On the 22nd, the 2019 Tennis Hall of Fame will announce the final candidate list during the Australian Open. In previous online voting, Li Na was ranked first in the women's group, and this result will ensure that she gets a 3% bonus in the selection of the final expert jury. If successful, Li Na will be the first Asian player to be elected at the Tennis Hall of Fame.


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