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Debuts the latest fashion designer incubation project in London – Dayang Net – Hanfeng Net


2018-11-26 07:52:17 Source: Marine Network

At London Fashion Week in September, the inauguration of the latest fashion designer in 2019 was presented. The young designers as a whole give people a variety of design visions that break the mainstream, maintain the creativity of each designer while still maintaining the individual characteristics of each designer. For example, Saini restores modern elements in an artistic way, releasing the wealth of individual pieces that are comfortable and chic. For example, LUMILLE YOLO, a brand that has always focused on order adjustment, entered the women's clothing market for the first time, bringing the theme "time and space dimensions", inspired by Einstein's theory of relativity and quantum entanglement, combining the trajectories of quantum operations with wormholes. Finally, it is simplified and presented at stage T, which is creative and fashionable.

(Article source: Ladies and Gentlemen)

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