Chen Yulin was in a bad mood before being detained. Claiming to tear mouth netizens – Information without worry


Recently, the most popular program in the entertainment circle was the overthrow of Wu Xiubo. This is the second wave of the New Year. At the beginning of last year's Mid-Autumn Festival, actor Chen Yulin revealed the incident and Wu Xiubo in a circle of friends. This triggered a storm of public opinion, I didn't expect that after a certain period of time, the incident disappeared, Wu Xiubo was still active in the entertainment circle, acted as usual, and rushed to announce.

This time, until Chen Yulin's parents wrote on his daughter Weibo that his daughter had been detained for a long time, the incident once again caught the attention of all parents. Chen Yulin's parents revealed that since November 4, 2018, Wu Xiubo called his daughter to let him go back. After discussing further problems, I was just taken back to the country and taken by police at the airport. Later, they learned that Wu Xiubo reported that Chen Yulin had used his exposure to privacy to extort money.

Then, Chen Yulin's parents texted Wu Xiubo's cellphone number. They whispered and asked Wu Xiubo to let their daughter pass their daughter. Don't let his life break. Seeing Yulin's tone of helplessness and humility for her daughter was truly an emotional sigh. It can only be said that they are looking for a way to save their daughter.

However, Chen Yulin had fallen into a situation like now, only able to say that he defeated himself. Seeing Chen Weilin Weibo before, the world is full of mountains and water, enjoying life and enjoying life everywhere. I want to ask a small artist from line 18. There shouldn't be so much money to make it so wasteful. Big money like Wu Xiubo thought he had found a dairy cow, and he never wanted to fall worse than anyone else.

After Chen Yulin exposed his relationship with Wu Xiubo at last year's Mid-Autumn Festival, he was no longer playing and his mind changed a lot. On October 21, 2018, he was the last show before Chen Yulin was arrested. He sent two self-portraits, the full text did not match the text, only sent three clouds, it can be seen that his mood was as cloudy as the weather.

Netizens also commented directly on the Weibo: Career Xiaosan, looking for the rhythm of the next house. At that time, Chen Yulin openly tore apart Wu Xiubo. It is clear that the feelings of the two people do not have room for recovery. Chen Yulin saw netizens' comments and replied: stinky sb, then bullshit to tear your mouth! It can be seen from the words that someone is jealous of his little child, he is very angry! However, after a week, he was arrested.

Netizens also said what you said, claiming that you were wrong with your third child. This is the result of touching a family man. In the end, it's not fish death or pause. Chen Yulin also revealed that his daughter was very bitter in the detention center. Thirty people entered the cell. They can only eat steamed bread every day and their mouth rot.

Falling like this now, I can only say: Poor people must have a place full of hatred, I hope this case will end soon! What do you think about this?


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