Astronomers collaborated with Ali to find a 39-year-old "Second Earth" or have life conditions – Aliyun Aliyun


For thousands of years, people looked up at the sky to record results, hoping to find the universe. Now, humans have acquired other grains on the road to understanding the universe.Recently, Yale astronomers revealed that they worked with Ali's engineers on a star system outside 39.13 light years, and perhaps the "second earth" suitable for life.


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It is understandable that both parties work together to study the seven planets in this star system, five of which have the same size as Earth, and three have the possibility of water and liquid life. Scientists are working with engineers on seven planets to analyze the signs of life.

In general, scientists use classical algorithms or manual methods to analyze data returned by detectors, but the calculation of data collected by various space detectors and telescopes is also a big project for traditional large computers. This has prompted astronomers to start working with technology companies to apply the latest computational science and technology for data analysis.

Previously, NASA scientists worked with Google engineers to find a star system with eight planets. NASA believes that the development of technical science will help detect signs of extraterrestrial life outside the solar system. Because the study of planets outside the solar system is like finding flying insects next to a far floodlight, it is necessary to find clues to life in the light of stars, which have higher requirements for computational models and computing power.

The star system where Yale scholars and Ali engineers collaborated is considered the most likely place to find alien life. Previously, astronomers have discovered that these two planets consist of rocks and have a dense atmosphere, such as Earth and Mars.

Furthermore, astronomy will promote the launch of the next generation of space generations, further speculating whether there is oxygen, methane and other indicators of life on seven planets. About seven of these planets, perhaps the greatest discovery of the 21st century will be born.


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