Andy Lau canceled the concert, fans: can understand but don't go next time – worry free information


On the night of December 28, famous artist Andy Lau held a concert at the Hong Kong Red Pavilion, after singing three songs, he had a problem with his uncomfortable throat, he had no choice but to announce the end of the concert and said he would do his best. Efforts to announce a refund have been announced.

At the concert, Andy Lau said that the doctor advised him not to sing, but he really couldn't stand the stage and didn't want to disappoint fans, so he insisted on opening the concert, but now he can't hold it back, so he can only end. Fans bought tickets but only heard 3 songs, which made many fans disappointed. There is even a female powder that flies from Taiwan to Hong Kong to watch female powder. He exploded into the air and he really understood Andy Lau's decision. Very warm heart.

Besides these female fans, there are actually many fans who come from all over the world to watch the concert because the charm of Andy Lau is too popular, many tickets were destroyed by oxen. Not many fans can sell tickets at genuine prices. If you want to return a ticket, fans will lose a certain amount of money. Not only that, but the cost of flying a plane from another place to Hong Kong is also the amount of money.

According to Taiwanese media reports, for example, Ms. Zhao from New York said that she had taken more than 10 hours to fly to Hong Kong. I do not expect to face this situation. He admitted that he was somewhat disappointed, but he saw that the idols were so hard and very well understood. However, he said that he spent 600 US dollars (more than 4,000 yuan) and bought tickets worth HK $ 580 (500 yuan). This is not intended to return a ticket, and will not leave again next time.

In fact, the cancellation of Andy Lau's concert was also a decision that could not be made. After all, letting a man in his 50s cry on stage is clearly the cause of the cause. If he can't survive, he will face the end like that. According to Andy Lau's character, he can insist on some Will hold fast to it, because Liu Dehua is famous for his love for fans, and finally hopes that Andy Lau can recover soon.


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