Afternoon: Shanghai stock index fell 0.73% and lost 2600 points. The GEM index fell more than 1% – Financial News


Afternoon comments: The Shanghai stock index fell 0.73% and lost 2600 points, the GEM index fell more than 1%.

2019-01-22 11:33Source: ยท e Company Securities TimesAuthor: Chen Wenbin

Company news, on the morning of January 22, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened lower, during the day, the Shanghai index fell 0.73% to 2591 points, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.95%, the GEM index fell 1.23%. On disk, the generic sector, polysilicon, gold, coal, nonferrous metals and wine making are among the most disadvantaged. In two cities, only a few sectors such as chemical fiber, titanium dioxide, and red real estate.

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