After the start of the scene, push the Xitian film: Wu Xiubo holds 2% of the three new boards –


  1. After the game began, Xitian Film: Wu Xiubo held a 2% stake, and had broken three new boards.
  2. The parents of the host woman Wu Xiubo who were slipped who were arrested said honestly: I did not dare to talk to the outside world.
  3. Wu Xiu fluctuated with the police to arrest the female owner? Chen Yulin's parents expressed their feelings about NTDTV
  4. Ms. Chen Yulin republished the long text to explain the news to Wu Xiubo's pleading message | Wu Xiubo | Chen Yulin Sina
  5. Real hammer? Wang Sicong's message, Wu Xiubo's incident: Zhenshou slag male _ cellular network is easy to use cellular network is easy to do
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