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2018-12-26 15:08:45 Source: Huasheng Online

The urban emotional workplace drama "The Woman in the Lattice" starring Tang Yin, Wu Zhuoyu, Mo Xiaoqi and Li Chengyu released a new promotional film, which has been announced to land at Zhejiang Blue TV TV Satellite Zhejiang since December 28. According to Shu Yi's novel of the same name, Gao Xixi is an artistic director, directed by Jiang Jiajun, and screenwriter Ouyang Qinshu and Qian Xiaotian will write a book. A story of true love and self-growth.

"The Woman in the Lattice" is broadcast on the stars. Netizens admired Tang Yan, "I can play very well."

The TV series "Woman in the Lattice" is broadcast on the land channel. With a realistic depiction of the workplace and emotional descriptions of modern people, the Douban 7.3 high score was obtained. Now the program was broadcast on TV Satellite Zhejiang, which surprised the audience. Fans say that "sugar candy works for new broadcasts, and finally gets what they want!" And netizens also expressed the feeling that "this drama has been tested for six years and can still be star studded. Maybe the quality is worth waiting for." As one of the four small flowers, Tang Wei In the past few years, the results have been remarkable, and the works have been assessed and the topic is very good. Not long ago, he just got married, and he promoted his wife to let go of her adult charm. This subtle and sweet subversion of the past, challenging the calm and brave elite of Tan Bin's workplace, brought a new feeling to the netizens: "I didn't expect Tang Yan to be the sweet and salty type." I believe that Tang Yan's breakthrough work will also continue the power of his past.

Tang Wei Wu Zhuoyu's first partner, Mo Xiaoqi Li Chenghao, helped

In the movie "The Woman in the Lattice" which was revealed today, Tan Bin, played by Tang Wei, and the first sweet meeting of Wu Zhuozhen, the perfect boss, Cheng Ruimin, produced an extraordinary chemical reaction. The classic male deity, Wu Zhuoyu, once used works such as "Chong Shang Yun Yu" and "Da Tang Shuanglong Chuan" to get used to the audience. Today, fresh meat has become unrecognizable, and has a high role in harmony with Cheng Ruimin. Title In his tacit understanding of his work with Tan Bin, he was slowly attracted to the other side, but buried his feelings in his heart, he only noticed, and countless circles of warm male attributes. In addition, Mo Xiaoqi, which is considered a "divination prophecy" by netizens, plays Mini with beauty and coexistence in the drama. He is number one competitor Tan Bin and Cheng Ruimin's ex-girlfriend. His spicy and straightforward personality plays in the outside world, especially "Mini 怼" makes people addicted and makes characters more colorful. "New good man representative" Li Chengzhen plays a free-spirited artist, Shen Pei, and also the girlfriend of a female host. His character and romantic character are no different. Tan Bin, who is firmly at work, will face difficult emotional choices between Cheng Ruimin and Shen Pei, and where to guess. Four different characters collide with each other, or they will erase new sparks from the past.

Working in a mood, showing positive energy from the struggle for a better life

"The Woman in the Lattice" will arrange a two-line plot of workplaces and love scenes to show the differences in attitudes and choices of young people in contemporary cities in the face of adversity. On the one hand, this play clearly defines "the lives of people at work", which will not only show an advanced ranking from the office from "Bronze to the King", but also show "fighting competition between different camps that rely on strength and strategies to compete with each other. " On the other hand, this game interprets various types of emotions from various dimensions, both romantic and adult. The choice problems faced by the protagonists in the drama may also be emotional problems that many young people will face today, or will lead to an in-depth discussion of the values ​​of love. With a dual arrangement of "workplace and heartfelt", this event will truly show the audience positive values ​​of "fighting for a better life": careers and love are not obtained in an immoral way, they will not be addicted fake fantasies In the middle, we must work hard to live as we like, without the courage to be defeated by reality.


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