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42 ° C Night News | Third-quarter income turned losses, red, yellow and blue slumped more than 10% before the market. Apple faces another class action – Wall Street

42 ° C Evening News, gathering important information from US stock star companies before the market, US daily shares must be read before the market.

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Night headlines


Red, yellow and blue Q3 reversed 4.3 million dollars in losses, down more than 10% before the market

Red, yellow and blue / Wednesday closing + 2.06% / closed at 8.44 / from this year's high -64.5%

On Thursday, Red, Yellow and Blue released a third-quarter earnings report, which changed losses by $ 4.3 million in the quarter and profits of $ 1.6 million in the same period last year.

In the middle of this month, red, yellow and blue are affected by the news and fall from the cliffs, still at a low level.

Compared to the highest point of the year, red, yellow and blue have fallen by more than 60%.


Apple is being submitted by Mac users for class action: lack of filtering of dust and damage to computers

Apple / Wednesday closed + 3.85% / closed at 180.94 / year-high -22.3%

AppleIn the United States, a new class action lawsuit was filed, and was accused of selling iMacs and MacBooks without dust filters, because they were known to cause damage to the processor and screen due to increased dust.

Hagens Berman law firm Sobol Shapiro filed a lawsuit on behalf of three employees, accusing the company of "failing to install filters for computer ventilation". The law firm recruits more plaintiffs, and consumers who buy iMac or MacBook after 2013 and fail because of accumulated dust meets the requirements.

At present, Apple has clearly left the channel up, and the stock price has dropped.

Market returns

Thursday's Shanghai Composite Index closed -1.32% / closed at 2567.4 / year-on-high -28.4% / from the previous low of + 4.8%

Shenzhen Securities Index / Thursday closing -2.06% / closing at 7597 / from year-high -34.7% / from previous low + 7.2%

GEM index / closing Thursday -2.12% / closing at 1312.7 / year-high -31.6% / from the previous low + 10.8%

The Hang Seng / Thursday index closed -0.87% / closed at 26.451 / from this year's highs -21% / from the previous low + 7.6%

Before the market on Thursday, the three major US stock indices fell slightly.


Falls 16% Mito responds to user privacy: the value of user information and does not abuse data

Mito / Thursday closed -15.88% / closed at 3.39 / from highs of -73.8%

Responding to Meitu Xiuxiu which was violated on user privacy by the Chinese Consumer Association, Meitu Company responded today that the company places great importance on protecting user information and privacy, and acquisition, rainfall, usage and sharing of user information will be stringent. Under the premise of complying with relevant laws and regulations, users are notified and approved, so they are not excessive and will never misuse data.

At the close on the 29th, Meitu's stock price fell 15.88% to close at 3.89 Hong Kong dollars, a record low. At present, Meitu's share price is still in a downtrend channel.

Trading opportunities


Goldman Sachs reiterates the Buy rating on JD. The target price is $ 42

Jingdong / Wednesday closed + 2.59% / closed at 21.38 / year-high -57.8%

In response to the slowdown in growth that investors generally pay attention to, Goldman Sachs believes that weak JD growth is cyclical rather than structural. Influenced by a large environment, Jingdong's total transaction growth has slowed In the long run, with a new boost in consumer confidence, weak JD growth will also move to normal levels.

The decline in active users, Goldman Sachs believes that part of the reason is seasonal, the third quarter itself is a low season, because management refined the low-level urban growth strategy in advance, the number of active users will be in the fourth quarter 2018. Sustainable growth is driven by peak seasons.

Goldman Sachs said: "In the long term, we believe that the growing middle class in China will encourage the growth of Jingdong active customers, because JD focuses on customer experience."


Amazon AWS intensively strengthened the ditch, developed an AI chip to challenge Intel and NVIDIA

Amazon / Wednesday closed + 6.09% / closed at 1677.75 / year-on-year high of -18.2%

November 26-30 is the day Amazon Cloud Services held a re: Invent conference (AWS re: Invent 2018) in Las Vegas. To stay ahead of the internet computing market, AWS has intensively released a number of new products.

Among the many new products, the most eye-catching is Amazon's first AI Inferentia chip, which will be launched in the field of machine learning. The chip will be available for sale next year.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Amazon independently developed the AI ​​chip. Now AWS has set "dust resolved", which is also considered a symbol of the Amazon challenge to the two giants Intel and NVIDIA in this field.

At present, Amazon's stock price is still below the pressure line of $ 1,740.

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