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Another year from the Spring Festival to begin, do you have to worry about taking tickets? Now, on December 27 today, for the long-distance part of the transport capacity train in spring 2019, the railway department is launching a pilot "alternative ticket" service on the 12306 website and cell phone client, even if it is not possible to buy it first. There is also the opportunity to get the ticket you want.The so-called wait for ticket purchases means that when a passenger buys a ticket through website 12306 or a cellphone client, if there are a number of trips needed and no tickets, the ticket purchase request can be submitted based on date, trip, and seat, and after the ticket is paid at advance. The automated ticket system arranges for candidates to queue online.

When the appropriate train and seats produce tickets for sale because of refunds, changes, etc., the System automatically redeemes tickets and informs passengers about the results of the purchase.

The first wave of pre-holiday trips to support waiting tickets, before the festival to Beijing, Shanghai-Nanjing, Guangdong, all trains in Sichuan and Chongqing, after the festival, Sichuan and Chongqing originated, and finally arrived in Beijing and Shanghai. All trains in Nanjing, Hangzhou and Guangdong.

So what is the special process waiting for the ticket purchase? 12306 officially produces a detailed tutorial, as long as it takes 10 minutes, you can say goodbye to the problem of getting a ticket.

Of course, not many trains support ticket waiting in the early stages, after all it is a pilot nature. I believe that more overall support will be supported in the next period.

First, verification of people

First download and install and open the train application 12306, click "I" – "Private Certificate Verification" to start verification.

All registered users of the 12306 website can voluntarily submit a request to purchase a waiting ticket service for the pilot train, but it is necessary to verify the person's identity.

This step can be skipped by registered users who have passed verification of the person's identity and passengers who often pass train verification.

Second, alternative order shipments

On the website or cellphone client 12306 to buy tickets, enter travel dates, send stations and other information to requests without tickets, the page will appear in the list of tickets remaining from the relevant train"Alternative"from


At this point, passengers can click on the appropriate candidate and the "replacement" area that matches the seat according to the request, and the system will automatically add a request to the ticket purchase request list waiting for the current ticket.

Each user can send 1 candidate order, and 1 order date can be added to the same order (including different stations in the same city), and 2 trips "different + can be added to each travel date. The need for a combination of seating.

Note:Only when the word "replacement" appears on the list of remaining tickets from the relevant train, passengers can send pending orders according to demand.

Website map:

Mobile application diagram:

Third, pending order payments

After the candidate's order has been sent successfully, payment must be completed within 30 minutes, and the order will not take effect. However, please note that candidates cannot be modified at this time. If you want to change it, you must cancel the order and buy again.

Redemption, according to the chronological order in which alternative orders apply, fulfills the requirements of candidates who qualify.from

Advance payments are calculated based on the maximum number of tickets on various order combination requirements (sleep is calculated according to store costs).

After the prepaid ticket payment is successful, the system will continue to try to redeem the candidate's request (the same candidate request is not partially redeemed), and once there is a ticket that matches the request, the system will automatically generate paid orders.from

If the advance payment is greater than the actual ticket amount, the system will automatically return the ticket difference.

If there is no ticket that matches the request, the system will automatically terminate redemption at the cut-off time. If the user terminates automatically or the system automatically stops the candidate, the system will return the full payment in advance.

When redemption is successful or stopped automatically, a notification will be notified by the user-selected notification method.

Exchange tickets that are successfully considered as purchased tickets, and returns and changes are handled according to the rules.

Fourth, waiting for orders to be seen

1. Enter the 12306.cn website and click "Alternate Order" on the personal center navigation bar to enter the order display page.

Alternative orders are divided into three options: "paid orders", "orders to be redeemed" and "orders processed"."Processed Orders" contain three status orders: redeemed, returned, and redeemed.from

Redemption indicates that the candidate's request is fulfilled successfully, the returned order indicates that the user has voluntarily returned the order, redemption failure indicates that the candidate's request failed to be cashed, which may be due to a lack of ticket numbers and conflicts with the real name system.

The website must be paid for orders

Schematic diagram of the website to be redeemed

The site has processed an alternative sequence diagram

Scheduling order exchange orders

2. Open 12306 APP and click "Alternate Order" on the navigation bar to see all the candidates' orders that are paid. Unpaid orders can be seen in the "Not Paid" line item.

Candidate candidate APP diagram

Prospective APP to pay for orders

Order candidate candidate details

Order candidate candidate details


– Exchange will be allocated according to the actual situation of the train seat waiting. When several people travel, they can be assigned to different compartments.

– Returns of money generated after successful exchange or alternative termination will be returned to the original payment instrument on time.

– Exchange tickets are considered as ticket purchases by passengers, and compliance with the system's real name and other related regulations.

According to official data, since the 12306 website was launched in 2011, internet tickets have gradually become the main channel for passengers to buy tickets.Contribute more than 70%from

Website 12306 also made a new revised update on November 3 this year.


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