With molecular therapy, IMSS serves patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis


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CDMX. 29 December 2018.- Offering better quality of life and rehabilitation to suffering beneficiaries rheumatoid arthritis seriously or who have no improvement with conventional therapy, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) has been treated molecular therapy at the Siglo XXI National Medical Center Specialization Hospital, which stops joint damage which ultimately causes disability.

The latest generation of treatment, also known as biological therapy, works as a molecular inhibitor that causes joint inflammation.

Doctor Alina Hernández Bedolla, attached to the Specialist Hospital Rematology Service, said that patients were treated with this therapy when they did not respond positively to conventional medicine and previous assessments of Social Security rheumatologists, who evaluated each person's characteristics and the symptoms they faced.

He said that about 1.5 percent of Mexico's population suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, which affects most people between the ages of 35 and 50, a stage where they are economically active and that for every man with this disease, there are three women. those who suffer from the most affected parts of the body are the hands, elbows, knees, cervical spine and hips.

Specialists explain that it is unknown what specific causes of the disease, however, there are genetic factors that affect and in people who smoke or who are infected with viral infections, this condition acts as a trigger and causes disease & # 39; wake up & # 39 ;, for those who are recommended to be aware of the symptoms of joint pain, inflammation and increased volume in the joints.

He stressed that at Hospital de Especialidades CMN Siglo XXI, where services are provided to beneficiaries from Mexico City and various entities in the country, between one thousand 800 and two thousand 500 cases per year patients who come from their units are doctors and hospitals, in most cases have severe complications and joint damage.

Hernández Bedolla said that among the beneficiaries who had the condition, up to 26 percent, or one in four, might need corrective orthopedic surgery during the course of the disease, which depends on when it was detected and started treatment.

He added that the evolution of rheumatoid arthritis without medical monitoring can cause joint damage and deformity, so it is very important to reach an early diagnosis and start treatment on time to prevent the progression of the disease, so he recommends going with a doctor if you feel pain and inflammation in the joints and do not treat pills that disguise pain yourself.


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