Monday , November 18 2019
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What is that and why is that called?


The year begins with interesting news for fans of astronomy and sky observation. During the night of January 20-21 there will be a lunar eclipse, but there is no one. What we will see has been baptized as "supermoon of wolf blood." But what is that and why is that called?

Gizmodo explained that astronomers called & # 39; blood moon & # 39; the phenomenon that occurs when there are lunar eclipses and satellites is colored in red caused by the Earth's atmosphere, which scatter blue light.

In addition, he got the prefix & # 39; super – & # 39; because it will be very close to Earth, especially at 90% of the perigee or its closest point (about 365,000 km away).

And wolf? This year they call it because according to the Native American tradition of Algonquins, the first full moon of the year is called & # 39; Luna del Lobo & # 39 ;. This supermoon of wolf blood will be more visible on the American continent.

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