What is a keto or ketogenic diet?


Text by Nancy Uribe, NutriĆ³loga

Now that important dates have passed like Christmas and New Year, most people who want to lose weight gained this season and at the same time get the desired silhouette and healthy lifestyle will be asked: What is the best diet to achieve it? in a very short time? Because this season is usually very complicated for many people to limit themselves to consuming food or making healthy choices, the answer is The Famous Keto Diet or Ketogenic low fat, now the ketogenic diet is the latest in the diet to get rid of fat.


In both the social and sports fields, the ketogenic diet is a fast, safe and effective diet where you can double your weight loss compared to the hypocoretic (low calorie) diet which is the most common diet we recommend. nutriĆ³logos, in addition to achieving our goal quickly during this transition will not cause physiological starvation, when you read "You will not be hungry" this is achieved through induction into controlled ketosis, in the clinical aspect this means that specialists will drop the burden on less carbohydrate consumption from 50 grams per day and giving a constant dose of protein, but not just any protein, it must be a protein that has a high biological value. This means that it contains all the essential amino acids our body needs and that even one of them cannot produce it on its own, and vice versa you will have a well-being condition throughout the day.

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At present there are various presentations of high biological value proteins such as bars, soups, cakes, crepes, cakes, snacks, juices, etc. all proteins are of high value, on the other hand, because in diet hydration will be very important, it is recommended to take at least 2 liters of water, this can be controlled by counting glasses of water taken throughout the day or well always carrying flasks or a bottle of water with us besides helping us achieving water consumption goals, we will collaborate with environmental conservation. An important point of the ketogenic diet is to be equipped with vitamins and minerals. Specialists are the only ones who can recommend us the one that best suits our needs.

During this type of diet, consumption of cereals, fruits, dairy products, cheese, butter, among many other foods that must be indicated in clinical or nutritional consultations will be limited only to certain times, this does not mean that these foods are not allowed to be bad or it should not be consumed, it is just that being in the process of carbohydrate reduction must be added gradually along with dietary re-education guidelines determined by specialists this means that besides losing weight quickly our specialists in health we will be taught to eat healthily so that we can maintain this lost weight for a long time.

This gradual introduction of various food groups will help our body to learn correctly how to metabolize all macronutrients such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates so that our bodies do not store them in fat and we do not recover lost weight.


A very interesting benefit of the low-fat ketogenic diet is that the lost weight will be reflected in fat and not in muscle, given that there are methodologies that can achieve a ratio of 20: 1 fat to muscle loss. which is very flattering because it prevents the skin from hanging or softening especially if the target weight is more than 10 kg of weight loss, this is not only achieved by doing a diet but by adding it to physical activity so that together with the consumption of high biological value proteins start making muscle, physical activity also must be advised by a specialist, namely a coach who will guide us during treatment and tell us what we can do in accordance with the number of calories and food groups we will consume.

With the ketogenic diet it is possible to reduce cholesterol levels, triglycerides in the blood in a fast and safe way, at the same time as the diminishing size given by our waistlines can reduce cardiovascular risk, in a few words we can avoid a heart attack, and it even prevents the risk of suffering from diseases such as diabetes or hypertension.


On the other hand, it's important to do it Emotional themes are not only for this diet but for each plan or methodology that we are considering to do, it will be necessary to approach training specialists who will work emotionally, anxiety and in turn give us a dose of motivation to continue and complete the meal plan we are satisfying.

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Like any feeding methodology or plan, it is important to go with a specialist or multidisciplinary team to guide us and show whether we can do it or not, because as in all diets there may be contraindications that allow us to avoid doing it at the time, the best is giving know yourself before deciding to start and something that works a lot is investigating on any website, magazine, book or information tool if the methodology has scientific support and that in general we don't pay attention to these details in what can give us security when deciding to start.

Therefore, if you are looking for a safe, effective and proven diet, the ketogenic diet will be your best ally, the only thing you have to do is to carry out all the safety guidelines to start properly the feeding plan that will take you to a healthy lifestyle and the results will really surprise you.


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