VRUTAL / Ask & # 39; God of War & # 39; last for PS4 and Santa brought you … & # 39; God of War & # 39 ;, but for PS2


We understand this with the last& # 39; God of War & # 39; They want to mark before and after in the saga. We understand that even though the protagonist is the same, the narrative has developed in such a way that few others share it with its predecessors … But we also understand that for someone who is not too involved in the world of gamers, the decision to Sony Santa Monica mentions & # 39; God of War 4 & # 39; this is just & # 39; God of War & # 39; can be confusing.

This good boy (who is very highly educated, a good person) asks Santa Claus game& # 39; God of War & # 39;, without further clarification. His mother, who is very diligent looking for & # 39; God of War & # 39; on Google and as he said in the video, bought the first game he found with that name … But, unfortunately, that wasn't the game the son wanted.

Very friendly, the boy explained that there were two games called the same but this had been very long PS2 and that he was awarded as & # 39; this year & # 39; in 2005. His mother even asked if he would have a way to play it now and he replied that he did not have a console to install it. Everything was recorded by his brother's cellphone, which enshrined a scene where the person who had received the gift tried to forgive the mistake but at the same time it was clear that he was hurt by his bad luck.

Luckily it was all a joke and in the end they gave him & # 39; God of War & # 39; for PS4, which has also taken the Game of the Year of the Game Awards, but this is 2018. Although surely someone has actually happened something similar when buying it.


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