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Vice President Newell & # 39; s Old Boys: Gonzalo Espinoza is a player who interests us

Acting leader Rosarino, Cristian D & # 39; Amico, admitted that they wanted to get steering services from the University of Chile.

Vice President of PT Oldell & # 39; s Old Boys, Cristian D & # 39; Amico, recognized in a conversation with Outside the room at Cooperativa who are negotiating with University of Chile by steering wheel Gonzalo Espinoza

In this case, lead actor Rosarino said that the national midfielder "He is a player under consideration, which is very interesting for us first for his career and also because he knew Argentine football perfectly, so the adaptation process became zero in this case. He is the player who has asked our coach and we will try to make him play Oldell & # 39; s Old Boys. "

"The Bulldog" already has a move by trans-Andean football, where it plays in clubs like Racing de Avellaneda, Arsenal de Sarandi and All Boys.

In connection with negotiations with the Blues by players, D & # 39; Amico said that "U worked together, there was a player's interest in coming to Newell, but the final word as far as the economy would have players. Doors open, U are attracted to players who can be in Newell and in that way are displayed, they are the owner of the pass. "

"Playing in Newell is a good team so players can be shown to different markets, because we are always watched by the whole world, that's why I tell you that it will depend on the players, "the coach added.

Regarding the deadline, the vice president of "leprosy" showed that "Newell's need to complete this before January 3, the date on which our pre-season starts and where we want all reinforcements to be closed ".

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