Saturday , October 23 2021

Van Rysselberghe: "As a council, we call many people"


One week after the election, the UDI president, Jacqueline van Rysselberghe, played down the support the senator gave to his rival inmates.

"The truth is that it seems very natural, I would call a lot of attention not to support it especially when his son, Juan Antonio Coloma, is the secretary general of the list. If I was the son of Juan Antonio, it would hurt my soul if my father did not support me," said the grammar senator to El Mercurio.

Jacqueline van Rysselberghe, the candidate for re-election as president of UDI, took advantage of the presentation of a "permanent commission" – which sought to raise issues affecting the country's middle class – to refer to support delivered by Senator Juan Antonio Coloma yesterday to a list of competitors, deputy Javier Macaya.

Juan Antonio Coloma: "I choose the ability to form the Javier Macaya team"

In a statement by Senator Coloma, who said in an interview with "El Mercurio" that "I like more socialized decisions, as a team," said the senator, "the grace we have as directors is to gather many people so that all together – and we can work and turn this party into the first political force in Chile (…) I might not succeed in calling Senator Coloma, because she has another son on the list, but that is another matter. "

On the other hand, at the meeting, the situation in La Araucanía was also analyzed.

"I think the problem at La Araucanía is so serious, people have a bad time, poverty is very bad, I think what we have to have is political mercy to find the best people to help build good governance in the region," the senator said referring to the dispute between his coalition partners over the quota of mayors who resigned Luis Mayol.

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